In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 69


Bella’s POV

“So awful of your parents. How could they do that to their own daughter. “She said but I just struggle off.

” That’s the past but the question now is that who is at fault between the two of them? “I asked looking at her.

” Well, your dad was guilty of the murder of his family in a whole his family friend and his suppose fiancee.

He also murdered his business partners as at then. And he ran away with those money.

But was also revealed that anyone who kick against your dad are being killed even till date.

If not because he is behinds the bar,am very sure he would have killed more.”she said and I hummed.

My guess I was right after all, I thought staring into the space.

“How did you meet these people you now call parents and how did you turn out to be this rich. “She asked.

Flash back 🔙

I was found by a Fisher man who took me in as their daughter.

I was angry that am alive and tried to kill myself many times but I still survive it. That’s when I realized there’s a reason why I kept surviving death.

After two months of staying with the poor couples,I started learning fishing very day, we went fishing and capture two big whale.

I asked them what we should use it for and they said they want to sell it out to the government.

Due to the fact that I know how the rich roll in the market, it didn’t take me long enough to find the connection I needed.

We wanted to sell it at the sum of 100 billion dollars each but you know not have name would make them reduce it.

It was reduced to the sum of 50 billion dollars each. We have no choice but to take it. That’s part of the money I used to build six different companies around California… Flash back ends.

“Wow.” She thought aloud and I bump my shoulder with hers.

“What was that for?” She asked.

“Don’t get too lost, we will be landing in two minutes 30 seconds.” I said standing from where I was seated.

Rushing down, I made my way to the bedroom where I placed Desmond only to find him sleeping peacefully.

Getting on the bed, I held him so that he wouldn’t roll off the bed till the jet landed.

Carrying him and my bag, I stepped out of the jet alongside everyone also.

“What next?” I asked Kate looking around expecting to see a car which was supposed to pick us up and take us down to my house.

“It would be here in five minutes ma’am, am sorry I slept off.” She said.

Just as I was about scolding her, the driver came to Meet us.

“The ride is here.” She announced. With that,Everyone entered and went to their various seat.

Throughout the ride, I was staring out enjoying the view of New York City which I have missed.

The ride was along one that as we got to my house, no one even bother looking around, we went straight to our different room then slept off…