In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 70


Bella’s POV

Yesterday ceremony went well except for the fact that he also came.

At first, I thought he was here to cause trouble but to my surprise, he came to give me my own 40 percent share of my dad’s company that’s now his.

He asked for my forgiveness and I have no choice than to just forgive him and let him go although I asked for more information from him.

He told me everything, how it happened. If I was to be in his shoes then, I would also do the so especially when it has to do with someone I love.

Only touching my son, there’s nothing I can’t do to the person who would do that to my own son.

It’s really inhumane of my own father to do that. And today, am going to pay him a visit then use my influence to add more years to his staying behind bars.

He had ruined enough people’s lives, he doesn’t need to come out alive.

Oh my bad, I forgot to add that I addressed the world yesterday telling them of my history and who I am.

They all didn’t believe until I brought out my certificate and all documents which proves what I said.

I did that to send mom a message wherever she is hiding not to come out because I might just have her jailed also.

From visiting my dad, Desmond is meeting his dad today also.

No, I decided not to tell him those ugly stories about his father and his he was born, it would be a weakness to him if he grows up.

I also skipped that part of being raped when I was telling the world my story.

I just don’t want to get the law involved in anything right now cause my son is still in his early age although I didn’t tell him where we are going to yet.

I only said we are going for an outing just the two of us and no body else.

I think I should let my son meet his father before I go and meet mine. Yeah, that sounds great. I thought.

Removing my clothes, I changed to a wine color gown that show off my curves very well then put on a transparent heels and purse.

“Desmond shall we?” I called coming downstairs.

“Yes mom.” He said showing off his suit just like he did yesterday.

“I love you Desmond.” I said carrying him off the ground.

Entering the car,I drove down to the restaurant we are meeting Kylie.

Have called and informed him am on my way today that we should meet I have an important thing to discuss with him.

Although he didn’t know I want him to meet his son cause he already ask for it and I declined telling him he can’t meet my son…


What do you think would happen now that he would meet his son?