In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 6


Kylian’s POV

Eating up, I couldn’t help but stare at the two oranges staring at me while begging for attention.

Wonder why she would have to do this right in front of a sex carving bas***d which I am.

People started taking our pictures together as she did most of the talkings while I only nodded to some.

Although, my mind is far away from where she is but not to make her realize that am not interested in her rant, I had to nod and smile sometimes.

“Do you like it?” She asked placing her palm over mine.

” Yeah, I do. “I replied shyly while trying to move my hands but she held it pulling me off the chair.

“We should better head back to the lecture room. “She said trying to warp her arm around my neck but I slightly move away.

Pretending not to realize what I just did and what she’s about to do.

“Yes we should but I have to see one of the lecture before heading to the class. “I lied trying to excuse myself.

” Who? “She asked.

“hmmmmmmmm… ”

” Miss Boston await your arrival.” A guy said cutting me off.

” Oh, thanks. “I replied.

” She?” Betty asked.

“Yes, Miss Boston.” I replied.

“If that’s so, I will await your arrival by staying at the entrance.” She said licking

” You don’t have to do that, because I don’t know when I would be done with her. “I said trying so much to make her leave.

” What do you want to do with her? ” She asked throwing me off guard.

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I don’t expect her to be this way, I mean this the very first time we would meet each other.

Now I understand why girls are so much trouble to handle. They are the born to ask questions of which they are meant to know or not.

“Just some registration am yet to complete.” I replied waving her next question off as I walk away before she could stop me.

Following the direction the guy gave me, I came face to face with a big white door with miss Boston written with black on it.

Pushing the door open, I was welcome by the beautiful decorated office.

Trailing my eyes every where, I tried to search for her but found no one inside.

How can she call for me and not be present? I thought still looking around for the third time.

I should take my leave since the person in need of me is not on seat yet.

Turning around to leave, I make my way back to the door.

“Do you really want to leave this beautiful sight for a boring class? “I heard her voice said making me turn around.

Father Lord, it’s not my fault that am not going to walk away from this beautiful sight. I prayed rubbing my hands together…