In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 18


Alicia’s POV

After some minutes,the door to the room I stay in was opened and my friend came in.

She couldn’t see me because there isn’t any light switch on.

I personally switched it off because staring at myself with the way I am makes me more annoyed.

Which I couldn’t stop blaming myself for doing these to myself.

Also, the pain he made me go through kept coming back so I have no choice but to do so and pretend nothing happened.

“I wonder why you will get yourself drunk like this, only God knows if you threw up on your clothes for you to ask me to bring clothes for you. You drank so much and decided to crash into a room Alicia, why stressing me then. ”

She lamented dropping whatever she is carrying on the stool besides the bed.

“Why would you put yourself inside somewhere as dark as this? “She asked again but I still didn’t reply.

I was actually socking my eyes with tears when I hear the door was opened and her voice with her questions.

“Who knows if she has passed out?” She thought as she make her way down to the switch.

Switching the light on, her eyes began to Trace every where as she wondered while everything was scattered.

Same goes with her eyebrows which pulled up in confusion then her eyes landed one me.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh!” She screamed loudly as she landed on her butt with her eyes opened wide.

Seeing her like this, my tears kept coming down freely and not faked this time around.

I was actually wondering how I look with the way she screamed, the ghost is better than I look right now.

“Help me.” I cried out weakly.

She quickly took the duvet and cleaned me up while tears rush down her face also.

After seeing am cleaned up, she took off all my used clothes same as the duvet and undies then threw it into the waste bin.

“Can you walk yourself into the bathroom?” She asked tenderly.

Not to lie, this is the first time she won’t be b***hy to me. The first time she had shown me tenderness in her tone.

“No.” I said shaking my head negativity while tears stream off my face as I watch her expression change.

Am I looking that bad? I thought trying to take a look at myself.

She helped me sit up even though it painful that I had to let out a scream, it’s better than me trying to sit myself up.

Holding her hand out, I took it while the other one rest behind my back.

She helped me off the bed then made our way to the bathroom with me walking as if I have a huge boil in-between my legs.

I couldn’t make my way to the bathroom very well, I had to try not to fall…