In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 19


Alicia’s POV

I couldn’t make my way to the bathroom very well, I had to try not to fall.

Getting to the bathroom, she helped me stand infront of the mirror while I examine myself.

Looking back at her, she look away while tears stain her face. She couldn’t take another look at my body most especially my lower region.

There are scratches caused by his finger nails same as tear in my honey pot which has blood stain when am not a virgin.

Seeing this, I knew I need to visit the hospital before I could be normal.

If not, I will end up with wound underneath me which would never heal.

“Don’t stare at them Alicia, it might be a nightmare for you. “She said still not looking at me.

” Take me away please. “I said weekly.

She took me to the bathtube where she helped me out with sitting on a stool while she prepared a warm bath.

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“Is this okay enough?” She asked putting the tip of my finger in it.

“Yes.” I answered nodding.

She started by adding somethings that would relief the pain and the rawness of my skin. She also added some stuff for my bruises and wound.

“It would sting a little but don’t worry, it’s not going to atm you. “She said helping me into the water.

Little by little, I was lowered downward into the bathtube. At first, I love the sensation that spread through my body.

But they all vanished when this stinginess started getting more unbearable.

Suddenly, I screamed out due to this sting that hit me really hard.

If not for the fact that she was holding me down, I would have jumped out of the bathtube.

Washing and scrubbing my body a little, she helped me out and dap a towel over me.

I tried to take a step and discovered I could although it hurt so much but not like earlier.

“What would you like to eat?” She asked looking at me as I get into the baggy top gown she brought with a flat.

“Anything but I have nothing in mind.” I said putting my hair in a high messy bun.

Walking out of the bathroom using the most annoying minutes in my life, I finally got to my destination.

My eyes trail down the whole room till it paused on the same card he gave me.

Walking towards it, I picked it up then wipe it up to make it clean then I pressed air freshener making it smell less of cum.

Taking my seat, I checked out what kind of card it is.

It’s a plastic card with a logo at the front side while the back side looks like it could open a lock.

Who knows maybe it’s for a door or a secret lock or passer. Most especially, what dose this logo Stand for?…


What’s the logo about