In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 16


Alice’s POV

Her body arched against his, every muscle tensed before she collapse back into the sheet.

But he wasn’t near to done because to him,he hasn’t reached his limit unlike her.

He is just getting started with his business.she started it but he would be the one to end it.

Unlike her,she was happy that she had reached her climax quickly and that would enable her to leave here as quick as possible.

Because for the very first time in her life, she wishes she doesn’t know anything about sex.

Neither should she have tested what sex is called if she had known this is where her stupid hunger lust for sex would lead her.

In her mind,she couldn’t help but curse her inner mind for always bringing naughtiness into her.

And also for suggesting to play naughty with this man who is nothing less than a beast who only think of himself.

How he is going to pleasure himself forgetting the fact that it’s someone that’s beneath him not a sex doll or toy.

Neither did she ask to be paid once he is done,she only wants to enjoy and leave.

But this man isn’t going to give her that,he is here to stay and not leave.

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Still lost in her thought,she was turned over while he kept thrusting into her .

He even hardly allow her to breath in before he push it in fully. Whenever he pull out, it’s like he push into her immediately.

She tried so much to resist the annoying moans coming from her mouth which was supposed to be cry to be released.

But it’s like her body and system isn’t listening to her, it’s like they all answer to his call.

Whenever she tries to resist it,he would slap her really hard on her butt cheek then soothes it with wet kisses.

There was time she tried to shake his member out of her butt.

Although, that was when he was busy struggling with her long brown hair.

But seeing her trying to move out of her position, made him hold her neck down with her hand push behind her and her face pushed into the pillow.

She couldn’t even moan out clearly neither could she breath out fully with her face stuff into the pillow.

However, his moves intensified to a near painful level and she felt him stiffen.

He pulled out of her and made her lay flat inserting it into her honey pot again.

Thrusting for some seconds again, his growls rumbled through his chest and she released into her.

Although, she had to push him out making some of his white semen pour right on her lap.

He rubbed his shaft making sure he release everything in it. After the act was done, he dropped some note on her and a card.

“Make sure you show him that card.” With that, he dressed up and walk out of the room without any word of guilt or console coming out of his mouth… TBC

What do you think is in the card