I’m Worried – Gifty Anti



Yes I was worried, I have been worried but now I am really worried, actually I fear for my country Ghana. This is not the Ghana I was born into…. What is happening? Our woes seem to deepen by the day. Now religious what? Come on…. When did we degenerate into this?

My father spoke ewe, ga, twi, fanti, hausa and a bit of nzema. I have worked with Muslims, I have organized conferences for Muslim women attended by some Muslim men and some non Muslims as well and I am about to organize another one this year. I have had programmes with both Muslims and Christians on it. I have had Muslims attend our annual Women called to Worship Conference held in a church auditorium.

I have daughters and sons who are Muslims but I never referred to any of them as my “Muslim daughter or son”. Why are we trying so hard to add so called “religious intolerance” to our many problems as Ghanaians? I pray, oh I pray in the name of God that this one too will not be politicized!!! obviously there are genuine concerns. Things have changed and there must be some compromises. Like the Chief Iman said let there be “dialogue” and not a media or street “battle”. We are all Ghanaians.

Source: Gifty Anti/facebook