Dirty Diana Season 2 Episode 9


Previously On Dirty Diana…

What did people think when they saw me? What did I think when I saw myself?

        These were questions that I often asked myself.

        “Hey Diana, guess what?”

        Against my better judgement, I looked up, Diva, my one and only best friend i had thanks to shemima


        “Well, you know Jason…the guy you like?”

        “Um, yeah…what about him?”

        “Well, we’re invited to his after-party!”


“yea what can i do for you?” i asked with a serious smile.

“we came to introduce ourselves because we believe you don’t know us”

“i really forgot to invite you to my parents marriage anniversary which is coming up on Sunday”

“don’t tell me your father is a former Minister

“yea i’m his last child”

“i hope you are coming?,

“relax sir” Comfort replied, drew close and sat on an empty chair across my table…..The damn girl was now like a silly noisy mosquitoe i couldn’t kill..


        “Give them back,” I said trying to grasp at them, but Kojo just held them up higher. I jumped as high as I could, but found that I still couldn’t reach them.

        “Well, well the girl has a voice,”

         “Just give them back, please,” I pleaded with him.

         “Aw. Did you hear that everyone?”

         Everyone who was still around us began laughing, their laughter getting louder and louder with each chuckle.

         The next thing I knew, I heard my glasses skittering across the parking lot as Kojo kicked them as hard as he could.

         “Why’d you do that?”

         Hopelessly, I went back to scrounging around for my glasses

         “Here,” a gentle voice said as my glasses were pressed into my palm.

         “Um…thank you,

         Blinking, I took in the form of a tall figure, realizing a little too late that it was none other than Jason himself



Blinking, I took in the form of a tall figure, realizing a little too late that it was none other than Jason himself. Cheeks growing warm, I took in his tall athletic build and messy unkempt hair that only he could pull off, along with his soft piercing blue eyes surrounded with specks of gray.

He was just gorgeous! something churned deep within me as I sheepishly met his eyes.

         “Jason?” I asked, not quite believing that I was saying his name…to his face may I point out.

         “Hey Diana,” he said smiling.

         “Um, thanks…again—for my um, my uh, glasses!…I mean, thanks for…” I trailed off as I stammered, keeping my eyes on my feet. I couldn’t really speak when I was looking into those captivating eyes of his.

         “No problem.” He laughed at my obvious impishness.

“Well, I guess I’ll see you at my party tonight?” he asked with a casual grin.

         “Yeah, sure. I, um, I guess,” I answered quickly, finally looking up at him. He chuckled as he turned away, waving me good-bye.

         I thought my heart was going to explode from how quickly it was beating. What Jason had just done was exactly why I liked him. He was nice, even though he was considered to be an Adonis in the halls of my hall Prep, yet he still managed to act like a decent human being.

Never mind the fact that he happened to be one of my brother’s good friends, but I had had a crush on him since…well forever really.

         Sighing, I walked towards my car, “please take me to Diva’s house” i said to my all time faithful and partner in crime driver Max, sending Diva a quick text, letting her know I was on my way to her place. She responded seconds later.

         Okay, see you there.

         I pocketed my phone and climbed grudgingly into my car.

         I honestly hoped that this party wouldn’t be like the others She had dragged me to…

               Now back to the car issue, am sure you are wondering how i got a car as an SHS student, well after my fight with The No Ya Wa Girls, the headmaster decided to expelled one of us, either me or shemima out of the boarding house since they cant keep both of us, and also as a punishment for the damage we caused to the school

One of us has to be a day student, Shemima is from the north and since her parents cant afford it i took the heat for that, my parents being rich and don’t know what to do with their money i was able to convince them to get me a Toyota matrix with a driver who will always drive me to school since it’s a bit far from home


Mr Lecturer

i’m sorry for barging into your office this early but seriously i do have a heavy load on my chest i need to offload” she said with a very light tone. I stared at her curiously, a bit eager to know what she wanted to offload.

“the way you treated me the last time we met was so totally uncalled for. You slept with me, used my body to satisfy yourself and spit at me afterwards.

I have been unable to sleep after that incident. I felt so insulted and hurt. I do like you for who you are but i just don’t know anymore. I now feel like an abused girl” she poured out solemnly.

“you know we shouldn’t be having such discussion here at my office. I have lots of things to do” i said carefully, trying my best to act cool. She stood up and breathed deeply.

“so that’s all you are going to tell me right?” she asked with a drawn face, forcing me to look up at her with worry.

“fine, we can head to a quiet place far away from the school vicinity to talk about your problem. Come back to my office by 12pm” i said to her. She shrugged, forced out a smile and left

I breathed deeply and fell back on my chair.

“God what do i do with this girl. How do i settle with her. Thank God she’s a final year student. In a couple of months she will be out of this school and out of my conscience for good” i reasoned


Diana’s POV

I got to Diva’s house in 20mins. She lives in a very nice neighborhood considering that her family is rich as well. Her house was beautiful, at two stories high with blossoming flowers growing all around the white walls. Unaffected by its grandeur by now, the driver parked in the driveway and i began the walk up to her house.

A few moments later I was knocking on the door, which was later answered by one of Diva’s maids.

“Hello, Diana. It’s good to see you again. Louisa is up in her room waiting for you,” She said, smiling cheerily at me.

“Thanks Esi! And it’s good to see you, too!” I said, sending a small wave over my shoulder as I walked up the stairs to Diva’s room.

Her room was on the second floor of the house and her door was painted pitch black with a poster taped on it reading,

‘Knock before you come in… or else.’ Obediently, I knocked on the door, and soon she whipped it open to fling herself at me.

“Hey Dee! Great to see you!” she greeted cheerily.

“Yeah, you too,” I said, returning her hug briefly before walking into her room, closing the door behind me.

Like her door, her room was also painted black. She had posters of punk-rock bands plastered all over her walls and she had a queen sized bed with black and white sheets.

Her thirty-two inch TV hung in between two emo posters and her desk was littered with books and her laptop. From my initial description of her mixed in with her obviously bubbly (and slightly temperamental) personality, this might come as a surprise.

She just doesn’t act like the typical goth rich kids you see or heard about. Yes, I spoke correctly. My best friend is, indeed, a goth. She’s into all of the punk/rock stuff, she dresses in dark clothing, and wears dark makeup, but she’s an extremely cheerful person. I know it’s weird, but that’s my best friend for you.

“So why are you here so late? You’re usually here by three o’clock on the dot. It’s already three thirty,” she asked, sitting down cross legged on her bed.

“Well, I had a little… interference on my way here,” I said absently, thinking about Kojo and his friends.

“Yeah? What happened?” she asked curiously.

“Well, Kojo and his friends -” I began to say, before I got interrupted.

“Wait… Kojo? As in the football captain? What did he do to you!” she asked quickly.

“Well…” I began to say, hesitating at her reaction.

“What did he do?” she demanded.

“He tripped me, took my glasses, and was just messing with me,” said

“He did what?” she yelled angrily.

“Calm down, it’s fine. I’m used to it,” I said soothingly, attempting to calm her down.

“No, Dee, I won’t! I hate to see you like this,” she said sadly.

“It doesn’t matter, it happens all the time.”

“No, it needs to stop, and we’ll prove how good looking you are at this party tonight.” The determination that sparked in her eyes scared me a little.

“How?” I asked, disbelievingly.

“I’m going to turn you into the hottest chick there.”

“Yeah, that’s never going to happen. Do you not see how I look?” I asked pointing at my body.

“So? It doesn’t matter how your body is, you’re pretty.” She shrugged as if she didn’t need to explain any more.

“Yeah, sure,” I said to pacify her, not really believing it.

“Trust me. By the time I’m done with you, you’ll be agreeing with me,” she sang as she giggled.

“Yeah, okay,” I said rolling my eyes.

She took out her phone, and quickly dialed a number. She placed it next to her ear and ignored my inquiries as someone picked up the other end.

“Mr. Amoateng, I need your best hair and makeup artist here. Now!” she stated in a very business-like voice.

“Alright miss, I’ll get on that as quickly as possible!” I heard him murmur back to her.

“Good,” she said, smiling as she snapped shut her phone.

“Well Diana , they’re going to be here very soon. I can’t wait for tonight!” she exclaimed excitedly as she jumped up and down.

“Great,” I said feigning my happiness. This was going to be a long night…


12 noon came faster than i expected. Comfort showed up at my office at exactly 12:05pm. I quickly closed my office for the day and took her to a small fast food joint at the other end of the town, which was far away from the school.

“seriously i really do regret and apologize the way i treated you two days ago, but you should have expected such behaviour from me. I’m a married man and you can’t understand how badly my conscience hurt after that dastardly act. I really should have helped you and your friend without asking for sexual gratification” i tried explaining to her.

“i do understand but since it has happened, you shouldn’t kill yourself over it, moreover i think i’m in Love with you. I have to tell you the true situation of my heart even though it’s very unusual for an African woman to express her feelings to a man” she poured out seriously.

I instantly recoiled with shock.
I couldn’t believe my ears, but as her words buried in me. I slowly smiled.

“of course the easiest way for a woman to get into a man’s head is by professing her love to him. No she doesn’t love me. Perhaps she’s after my money or something else. How can she genuinely fall in love with a married man like me” i reasoned softly.

“you know we shouldn’t be having this discussion. You are trying to get into my head.

Hahahaha i know women” i laughed nervously. She calmly placed her hand on mine.

“yeah i know what i said sounded quite silly and unrealistic. But seriously after the fun we had some days back. You left with a part of me” she murmured softly.

“ah Mr Badu! Long time, no see. What are you doing here?. It’s been a while you know?” I heard a familiar voice greet me from behind. I instantly looked up to see my wife’s friend smiling at us. I was shocked and speechless.

I really was so engrossed in the discussion i was having with comfort that i failed to notice the woman approach. Of course only a fool won’t notice the suspicious air between Comfort and I.

Comfort however quickly took her hand off me, but it made no sense at all because she did it very late….


~Two hours later~

Diva’s POV~

I looked at my best friend with awe and extreme satisfaction. We did it! I thought happily. Dirty Diana looked extremely pretty, so from now on no more dirty  but Pretty Diana

Her hair was styled with light curls. Her skin was accentuated by her blue eyes and dark blue eye shadow, black eyeliner, and pink lipstick. She wore a beautiful baby blue dress that went down to her knees and criss crossed in the back. Black heels and a small beaded clutch finished off her new look

“Diana! You look amazing!” I exclaimed happily.

“I do not!” she shot sadly back.

I pouted, “But Diana you do, just look in the mirror,” I said pushing her to the full length mirror in my bedroom. There was a pause before she finally spoke.

“… Oh my god, is that – is that me?” she asked softly.

“Yup! See I told you you look good!” I said, enthusiastic in my happiness.

“Thank you Diva. I owe you,” she said hugging me.

“No problem. You having fun with Jason tonight will be more than enough to repay me,” I answered, hugging her back.

“Yeah well, Jason is probably going to hang out with his buddies the whole night,” she stated while letting go of me.


“So, I won’t be able to even talk to him.”

“I don’t know!” I sang teasingly.

“Whatever… can we just get this over with already?” she asked, already walking out the door.

“Alright!” I said, running after, her.

30mins later we arrived at the party. The music was blasting loudly and I wished that it was punk or rock music instead of pop. Max my driver parked the car outside the house, and i hopped out.

I didn’t really dress up too much for this party. Just a simple black blouse, and a black skirt that went to my knees. I paired it with heels and had my hair tied back. Tonight was going to be all about Diana.

“Ready?” I asked said best friend.

“As ready as I’ve ever been,” she mumbled, walking to the door as if she were approaching her grave.

“That’s the spirit!” I said, slapping her on the back.

“Yeah, yeah,” she muttered, waving me off

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