“I’m Obinim” Season 3 – Episode 9


“Your Worse nightmare” She said with a complete switch of  facial expression. I could see the panic on Jojo’s face when she said that.

I had wanted to also confront Jojo for lying to me about my father’s death. From all indications, it was obvious that Shela had no idea of what Jojo has done. To even think about it, I knew more than enough, I know for the fact that he never loves my sister and was only using her to get financial assistance from my dad. Jojo was just an opportunist to me.

I just stood and watched as Didi did her own thing. Shela was very lost as she didn’t know what was going on but for me, it was like watching “WHO KILLED NANCY” on 3D.

“I’m sorry, what did you just say” Jojo asked.

What did she say, of cause you heard her, she said it loud and clear, your worst nightmare. I was just giving commentary in my head as I watched the drama go on and on.

Didi gave a funny laugh and had this look on her face that says “You don’t know what is coming after you”. This was actually the beginning of Jojo’s worse nightmare when Didi began introducing herself.

“My name is Didi Simons and I believe you know Doc. Efua very well” She asked.

From where I stood, I could see panic look on Jojo’s face. It was as if he knew what to expect next.  He didn’t answer her when she asked, so Didi who was acting very calm to the pain to ask him the same question again.

“Jojo, do you know my sister, Doc. Efua” She asked.

He just nodded his head and Didi continued.

“very well, let’s not waste any time, I understand you have the documents to her house and you are claiming ownership if she does not refund some amount of money to you right? She asked.

Shela didn’t know what was going on so she interrupted the conversation.

“Excuse me madam, I don’t really know who you are or what deal you have with my husband but I don’t think this the right place for you to go about this” She said.

I quickly came in, because as much as this matter is very important to Didi, it had everything to do with Shela.

“Erm Sis, I agree with you, but I think you might want to listen to this, trust me, you will have all the answers to your question.” I said.

All of sudden Jojo seemed in a hurry to go somewhere. He started calling my sister with pet names as if he adores her. Something he has never done before.

“Erm Baby, I think we should go and have lunch, you must be hungry” He said.

Shela was very smart, she instantly knew that Jojo was trying to run away from the issue at hand. Jojo had never showed such care to her, so why all of a sudden.

“No my husband, I think I’m interested in what the young lady have to say. Just answer her” Shela said.

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I had wanted to jump around in jubilation as if I have won a lottery but hey this was just the beginning, there was even more revelations to be made.
“Yeah Jojo, I don’t have much time, I just want to clarify things, do you have the documents? Didi asked.

“Yeh..yh..Yeah…I i…. do, your sister owe me a lot of money.” He fumbled with his words as he answered Didi.

“I see. I think I have an interesting case to handle this time around. Oh I forgot to mention sorry about that, I am a practicing lawyer and am very much particular with issues like this especially when it has to deal with my family. Do you have document that indicates you gave my sister a loan” She asked.

She must be kidding me, a lawyer? that explains how tough she is. I wouldn’t want to be in Jojo’s shoes now. No, never.

“Well, it was a mutual understanding” He answered.

He had the guts to even lie about this, well, let me just lay back and enjoy my 3D pictures.

“Jojo stop lying to me, I know everything that went on, well if you are not ready to cooperate and over the documents within the next 2 hours, mark my words, I will press charges and file a law suit against you and trust me, you wouldn’t want that.” She said.

Jojo was just speachless, that was when I saw that the lion was wounded so it was the best time for me to also strike from my angle, at least I have a lawyer beside me, so no fears. It felt like fighting a battle which you know that you will surely win at all cost.

“Jojo come to think of it, Efua doesn’t owe you, I heard everything that went on, in fact I heard everything you told her this morning, she actually borrowed the money for you and you used my sister Shela here to get the loan from my dad and talking about  my dad, you told he was dead.” I said .

“What” Shela shouted out.

Suddenly, a nurse came towards as and interrupted the whole conversation. She told us that my father was responding to treatment and for that matter we can see him.

That was more important to us than battling issues out with Jojo, we were all eager to see him, so we just rushed to the ward to see him. Without noticing, Jojo had already found his way out of the hospital when we got to my father’s ward.