“I’m Obinim” Season 3 – Episode 5


I rushed to the kitchen, got some water, splash it on her face but she wasn’t responding. This can’t be happening.  Its not yet her time. I can’t accept this now. At that moment, I didn’t know what to do. It was as if I have lost everything I had in life.

I blame Jojo for this and no one else. He is the reason behind all this. Maybe it’s  about time, I really stand up as a man and face him like a man should do rather than being a coward like I have always been.

My Dad too is not in a good condition. I can’t leave Efua like this too. For a while, I just didn’t know what to do. I thought my life had actually come to an end. Maybe it was better for me if the dream I had come to pass.  Yeah, It should have come to pass. I can’t live a life like this. Where everything I cherish, will just go down the drain within a short time.

All along I have never met my father and now that I have, there comes bad news. And again, all my life, I thought I was in love with all my crushes until I met Efua. Within this short while, she has thought me all there is to know about love. Now that I have someone to love for real, her time to live is even limited and this moment I don’t even know whether she was alive or not.

As depressed as I was, I checked her pulse and her heart beat. Yet I couldn’t feel or hear anything.  Is she dead? I just didnt know what to do until I heard the door to the living room open again. It better not be Jojo, I was so ready for him now. But I was wrong. A young lady came through the door, I had no idea of who she was. She was pretty though and really looked expensive with the general appearance and the dress she wore.

She saw me in tears with Efua’s head on my lap. “What the hell is going on here” She asked immediately.

“I don’t know, I just hope she is alive, I can’t feel her pulse or anything” I answered.

“And you are just sitting there, like that, geesh let’s rush her to the hospital” She said and immediately came to help me carry her into the car she brought.

“Excuse me, but who are you” I curiously asked.

“I should be asking you that, I don’t  know what you’re doing around my sister and I don’t care about that but you are clearly not her type.” She said.

“Your sister? I asked. That came as a surprise to me, I had no idea that Efua had a sister. She never mentioned her to me anyway.

“She better be ok when we get to the hospital or you’re gonna deal with me and trust me, you wouldn’t like it” She said and drove off immediately.

She was a tough girl and trust me, she was really good on the wheels, a rough rider to be precise. The speed and her skills in driving was just outstanding.

As much as I wanted us to get to hospital quickly, I was really scared that we may end up having accident ourselves.

I wanted to check up on Shela and my dad. My phone was dead by that time. I had no option than to ask Efua’s sister of her phone.

“Can I make a call on your phone please” I asked.

She looked at me weirdly. I could tell the insults she was raining on me in her head from her looks.

“Sorry, my phone is dead and I really need to make an urgent call” I said.
She shook her head and gave me her phone

“What kind of person are you” She said.
“The kind of person your sister is in love with” I said. Hold on, do you really think I said that aloud. I said it to myself without her hearing .I wouldn’t get away with that if she even heard me saying that.

I called my sister, Shela several times, but she didn’t answer and that even made me more worried. What could possibly be going on right now? I just pray that my dad is ok. I just prayed.

I kept on trying but still there was no answer. At this time, we had already gotten to the nearest hospital. Because Efua was a medical doctor, we really had a protocol treatment.

We got to the hospital and as usual we were asked to wait at the OPD. Efua was rushed to the ER and now, I was alone with Efua’s sister. Trust me, I didn’t have good feeling about this, I know she will be asking me a lot of questions.

Before I could even prepare myself for her interrogation, the first question popped up.

“So I have three questions for you” She said.

“Can’t this wait till we….” I said but she caught me up and came in.

“I do the questioning and you do the answering, am not in the position of any negotiating. I should even have you arrested now, I hope you know that right. So you better answer my questions or you won’t like how I will take this matter up” She said.

This is not going well. I’m really in a mess right now. One thing I noticed about this girl is that she is just a tough and wild person.

“Who are you, what are you to my sister and what the hell happened to her” She asked looking very angry.   Just when I was about to answer her, a call came in on her phone.

She picked the phone up and gave it to me.

“I guess this must be for you” she said.
She was right, it was Shela returning the call.  I quickly picked up only to hear, a man’s voice on the phone. It was no other than Jojo
“Let me speak to Shela this very moment”  I said.

“So you can’t even be there for your father at his last moment. What a son you are? What a shame” Jojo said.

Who even told Jojo that Shela’s father was my father? That wasn’t the plan.

“What do you mean by his last moment? Let me speak to Shela right away” I said.

“Well I’m afraid you can’t speak to her now, she doesn’t want to talk to you boy. Your father needed you before he died. “ Jojo said.

“Jojo are you saying my father is dead? I asked.

“I believe you heard me loud and clear. So if you would excuse me, I have a wife to console.” He said and hanged up.

I broke down. My father is really dead.

To be continued.