“I’m Obinim” Season 3 – Episode 6


“I believe you heard me loud and clear. So if you would excuse me, I have a wife to console.” He said and hanged up.

I broke down. My father is really dead.
Efua’s sister saw the sadness in my eyes. She noticed how disappointed I looked after the call.

“As much as I don’t trust you at all, I’m curious to know what has happened. Is everything alright?  She asked.

So she cared after all. At least she had a soft side, but hey can’t really blame her. She has a good reason to doubt me.

“It’s my dad, he just passed away” I answered.

“I’m sorry” She said.

“You know what, I had a call from my sister few minutes before we came here that He had slipped and was on conscious.  She needed me to be there just to take our father to the hospital but I was not. I mean I couldn’t also leave Efua helplessly there like that and now he is gone. I couldn’t even spend much time with him as my father. I don’t think I can have the courage to even stand before my own sister this time she needed me most. I think the best thing is just moan my father from a distance.” I said with tears in my eyes.

If I knew this was my fathers last moment, I would have been there for him, but what would have been the fate of Efua if I was not there.

“Well, everything happens for a reason.  I’m sorry though. “She said.

Then finally the doctor came out of the ER. We rushed towards him, to listen to what he had to say about Efua’s condition.

“Doc, how is she? Is she Ok? I asked.

“Which of you is her relative? The Doc asked.

That question got me mute. It wasn’t a question that I could answer.  As much as Efua and I had a thing together, I was not her relative. Come to think of it, if Efua really had a sister, how come she is giving all her asset to me? That’s something I really don’t understand. I believe her sister was surely the next of kin, but why me. I am not interested in her property; all I needed for her was to get back on her feet.

“I am her sister” She responded.

The doctor then asked me to excuse them, so I had no option than to excuse them. I went a little bit away from them. From where I stood I could see her talking to the doctor even though I couldn’t hear a word of what they were saying.  Efua’s sister was not looking happy, I wish it wasn’t what I was thinking.

She finally finished talking to the doctor, and signal me to follow her.  We went straight to the ER were Efua was.
She was alive and awake. She looked very weak and pale though. But She gave me something to be happy about. She was alive. That was enough for me.  She opened her eyes and saw Her sister and I standing right beside her bed.

“Obi, Didi. You are here” She said in her sweet soft voice.  I really miss her voice.  So Didi was her sister’s name. I even forgot to ask her.

“Hey dear sis, I’m here, I really miss you” Didi said.

“When did you fly in, I was expecting you to come next week” Efua asked.

Now, I was beginning to feel out of place now. I just stood there, as they went on with their family reunion.

“I couldn’t stay till then sis, When you told me what that Jojo guy had done to you, I couldn’t just help it. I had to rush in now and wherever he is now, he must be ready for messing with the Simons family” Didi said.

Wow, so Didi was actually here for Jojo. Trust me with this few minute I have spent with Didi, I knew Jojo was no match for Didi. Jojo really had to prepare. He will never have it easy with this one.

To be continued.