“I’m Obinim” Season 3 – Episode 1


That was when I realized the reality of what she was saying and the condition she was in. Efua was sick and was dying slowly. Every minute was a countdown to death. How will  you feel if you know your own time of death and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it?

When I heard it, I couldn’t say anything longer, she just watched me with tears from her eyes whiles she smiled talking to me. It was as if she had accepted it and was ready for what was coming her way. It caught me like a news flash. I mean, how could such an adorable person like Efua be going through such condition.

This world indeed, is not fair. Those who don’t deserve to die are the ones dying each and every day, yet murderers and high profile criminals are walking around the streets endangering people’s lives. But who am I to judge, who am I to determine who to live and who to die.But with Efua, I just can’t accept it. There must be a way out of it. There is surely a way.

As if she knew what I was thinking.  She took my hand and rubbed her soft warm fingers on it.

“There is nothing that anyone can do Obi, I am a doctor and I know what I’m talking about. I have accepted it.  We are all going to die someday anyway, so if mine is here, I just have to embrace it. “She said.

I can’t believe she is actually saying all this. This was the moment I wanted everything to be a dream. I wanted to wake up from this nightmare. I can’t bare to lose her. No. I can’t. I love her.

“Efua, I thought this was only in the movies, but I am going to keep you alive…” I said.

She began  laughing at me, as if I had no idea of what I was saying. “keep her alive” really? Did I really say that? You could see how confused and frustrated I was. I didn’t know what I was even saying.

She just stood and said goodbye, just like that and began to walk away.  That was the moment I noticed why she was always careful with her steps. Back at the hospital, I always starred at her when she was walking away after her checks. She walked slow all the time. Now I understand,  She was avoiding getting stressed. That was definitely not good for her health.

Now I have figured a way to help her out and stand by her all the time, the only option I had was to make sure she lived the rest of her life as a happy woman. Anger, pain and what have you, wouldn’t do her any good now.

I ran from my seat and went towards her and said

“If I can’t keep you alive, at least believe in miracles. Miracles do happen if you have faith” I said.

“Obi, I’m a Christian and I will always be. Sometimes we should just let God take control of everything. If it’s my time, let it be, if it’s not then we can hope for a miracle, its all up to God” She said.

Efua is really a weird Christian, I think. She doesn’t want to be consoled. I found sense in what she was saying but understanding the ways of God was just beyond my understanding.
As we were standing there talking, I saw a car that looked like that of Jojo, it came right at us and packed. Well, I was right, it was him. What got me surprised was Paulina, who was seated in the car with Jojo.

Jojo rolled the glass of his vehicle down and from his car he spoke to us. “Obi, So I see you doing fine with this doctor. Efua how are you anyway?

Efua was getting upset with the presence of Jojo, I could see that she was panting. I tried taking her out of the scene but Jojo kept saying this as if he knew Efua’s condition. “You know you are not suppose to get angry baby girl. Is really not good for your health you know.”

This was getting too much, I still didn’t know what relationship existed between  Jojo and Efua, but I needed to get her out of the scene as soon as possible before anything happens. At this stage she was getting more furious and her panting was very visible this time around. She was really angry.

To be Continued.