Kafui paced the room like a caged tiger, he was frustrated and bored, he didn’t know what was going out there and he was getting desperate.

He looked around the room and saw a mobile phone on the table.

He looked around for his but couldn’t find it, he went back to the one on the table and picked it up, he dialed Sedi’s number about five times but there was no answer.

He was about to put the phone down when he heard it ring.

He looked at the screen and saw it was Thelma calling.

He felt angry, no one had the right to cage him like an animal.

“What is wrong with you, why are you even keeping me here, I don’t want to be here”.

“you better shut your mouth and stay where you are, you have no idea what the hell is going on out there, I might just get mad enough to let you out…..if you are not killed by the dogs in the compound first, you’ll die at the hands of the gunman at the gate”.

“what am I supposed to be doing here, I don’t even have anything here to keep me distracted”.

She hang up on him to his surprise, he slammed the phone on the table and sat angrily on the bed.


Elom sat quietly, everything was in a mess, he didn’t know what was going on, he was confused.

He and Kafui were not the best of brothers, but he could never throw him under a bus.

He was all over the news and he had checked all the places he knew he could hide but he was nowhere to be found.

He had sent for someone to check Sedi’s place but he was not there.

He stood and went to dress up. He needed to find his brother and see how best he could help him.

He didn’t need a driver, he wasn’t in the mood to tolerate a driver annoying him.


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He drove around, he knew deep inside that Kafui didn’t have the guts to kill anyone.

He heard a police siren behind him and stopped.

What the hell do these people want now.  The police man got down and walked towards him.

He rolled down his glass and faked a smile at the policeman.

He saw the policeman look at him, back at something he was holding and back at him.

He knew exactly what was happening. The policeman thought he was Kafui.

“Please step out of the car” He stepped out and looked at the policeman.

“There’s been a mix up here, I’m not who you think I am”.

He opened the door angrily and pulled all his identification cards out. He handed them all to the policeman.

“Are these all the identification cards you have?” He asked an already angry Elom. “yes, why, do you need more to be sure it’s me?”.

The policeman looked through, back at him and smiled then he went to his car, did something and came back empty handed.

“You are under arrest Kafui”  the policeman said with a wide grin on his face.

Elom knew what had just happened. He had been set up.


Patrick stood there trembling. He had gone to dig a hole behind the house through pain and tears.

He had murdered his wife and he couldn’t even remember when he had done that.

He sat beside her body for a while crying helplessly. He carried her out of the house and dropped her in the hole.

He couldn’t wait for someone to come and see what had happened.

He knelt beside the hole, apologized profusely to the dead body and covered it up.

He went back to the room, it suddenly felt different. It hurt him badly.

He rushed to the kitchen for a rug and a bucket of water. He returned to the hall and mopped up the blood.

The stench of the blood was too much for him, he couldn’t take it.

He thought of all the good times they had had and cried more. He had killed her, he had killed the love of his life and he couldn’t even remember anything about it.

He turned on the television to drown the sound of his crying. He rose to go back to the kitchen when the screen caught his attention.

He dropped the bucket of blood soaked water on the floor. The red water spread across the floor.

There had been a murder at the St Andrews Hospital,  a psychologist had been killed, the psychologist he had seen had been stabbed to death in cold blood.

He rushed out to his car and saw all the blood, the knife lay bloodied in the back seat. He walked to the room feeling dizzy.

What was going on, he was sure he had killed the doctor, who had killed his wife, what was going on, he felt so confused.

He sat on the floor, In the blood, he was scared if he thought one more time his head would explode.

He just lay in the water. He was destroyed. He heard a knock on the door and jumped up. Who could it be, he looked around the room, too much evidence, he was finished.

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