“I’m Obinim” Season 2 Episode 5


The next thing was, Shela just came into my ward and that interrupted the whole vibe. She came rushing in on me as if I was already dead.

“You must be Shela I guess” Doc. Efua asked.

“Yeah, yeah Doc, how is he? Shela asked.

“Well as you can see, he is improving. Let me leave you two. Miss. Shela, try and see me before you leave” She said and left.

Even though Shela was right beside me, I kept looking at my new found Doctor. Her legs was so lovely. Shela even noticed and asked if I knew the doctor from somewhere.

I ignored the question and pretended I never heard what she said. I told her everything that had happened and how I ended up here. She really felt pity for me. Strangely enough, I didn’t like the presence of Shela anymore. I wanted the doctor to be around instead of her. At least, this doc have helped gotten over Shela within this short while.

Now I know the reason behind this adage that “there is a reason behind everything”. If it weren’t for this mob beating, I wouldn’t have ended up in this hospital in the first place. I would have still be fighting with Jojo over my sister. A battle that has already been lost.

I know by now you may be thinking that am confused. Well its true, I am, but I still need to get over my own sister and that’s exactly what this Doc is doing.

The day went so fast. I was about spending the night at the hospital. Shela was still around me, taking good care of me. My father on the other hand, didn’t know about my situation. Well, it was my idea. I didn’t want  him to know  before he opens his mouth and tell that Jojo.

If he did, Jojo will surely use this against me some day, I was so sure about that. As soon as Shela left my ward to visit the ladies, there came in my Doctor. She was looking cooperate now. She has taken off her overall. Now I can see her curvy body very very well.

She came closer to my bed asked of the where about of Shela.

“She just went out for a moment” I answered.

“Ohk, anyway how are you doing? She asked.

“Very well Doc, thanks to you” I said.

“No thanks, I’m just doing my job. Anyway tell your sister I was here” She said and headed towards  the exit of my ward.

Really? She came all the way to my ward just for my sister? No, I couldn’t believe this. If Moses doesn’t go to the mountain, the mountain will surely find legs and come to Moses today. I won’t let this slip off my hand.  I needed to make a move.

I quickly called her back.  “Erm Doc, can you come for a second” I said.

She came back towards me and stood right across me. And then the “Jon” thing happened to me again. I didn’t even know what to say. I was just mute like my mouth had been sealed with glue. I didn’t know what to say or tell her.

Now when the silence became very awkward and uneasy, she couldn’t bare it anymore than to ask

“Erm Obi, is there any problem. Do you need something” She asked.

“Yeah, sorry can you get me a glass of water. Please” I asked.

Seriously, was that the question that came out of my mouth? A glass of water from a doctor?  I must be in sane.  Meanwhile the water was right beside my bed that I could  easily reach it, with just a stretch of hand.

“Obi, are you feeling some pains? She asked because, she found it strange how I couldn’t just reach out the glass of water myself.

That was the moment Shela came in again. This time around she actually saved me from embarrassing myself.

“Oh Doc, you are here.” She asked.

“yeah, was even looking for you, is it ok if we talk here?” Said Doc. Efua.

“Yeah, sure.” Shela answered.

“Hmm you really don’t recognize me Shela?  The Doc asked.

Hold on, what was going here, do they know each other or what. I kept asking myself. You can imagine the look on my face when she asked her that question.

“Not really. But I must say, you really look familiar” Shela said.

“Well, it’s acceptable, we only met once,  not even physical but on social media, I happened to check you out on facebook, so I really know your face.” Doc. Efua said.

Hmm this sound interesting, I relaxed myself on to listen to what was going on.

“So you my friend on facebook? Shela asked.

“Oh naa am not. Are you still going out with Jojo? She asked.

Jojo’s name popped up here too. Geez this guy is everywhere.

“Yeah, how do you know him” Shela asked.

“Well, I remember sometime ago, he used me as his profile picture on whatsapp, somehow you happened to trace my number and confronted me bitterly eventually, warning me to stay off your man.” Doc Efua said.

Oh Damn, I felt completely sick again, could it be that Doc. Efua had something intimately doing with Jojo or what. My heart just got broken. This is too much for me.

To be Continued.