The President’s Daughter And I Season 2 Episode 10


After sleeping angrily the previous night, a knock on my door woke me up which was time for our morning prayers. We prayed for so many things including safe arrival of our Dad and safe departure of Mirabel among others. We did our morning chores, bath then had breakfast. Mirabel’s bodyguards came and took her away, after saying her goodbyes to all of us and also promised to come around some other time. I thought Nancy would be sad about Mirabel’s departure, but she seems to be happy which got me wondering.

School resumes in one week time, But I would be leaving in two or more weeks. After much thought, I decided to go inside only to see Momma and Nancy happy over what they were checking out.

Me: What’s all this?

Nancy: Mirabel got all these for me and for Mummy

I saw lot’s of dresses, bags, shoes and jewelleries and an iPhone and an iPad. My eyes burst open.

Me: When?!
**No response**

I saw Momma admiring the wrappers Mirabel got her and Nancy using the iPhone with her teeths out.

Me: Is it iPhone 6?

Nancy: Yes bro,,, she’s so awesome! this is what i’ve been dreaming to have

Me: So Mummy got the ipad?

Nancy: Yes

Me: Wait, how did she say it?

Nancy: How do u mean?

Me: As in,,, she didn’t mention me?

Nancy: No, why? she didn’t leave anything for u?

Me: Why would she leave anything for me, am i not the one who should be taking care of her? I only wanted to know if she mentioned my name

Momma: Why?

Me: Huh? No, Nothing precisely

Momma: Hope u don’t expect goodies from her?

Me: No I don’t,,, haba Mummy

Momma: See, I’m telling u today, don’t ask for anything from that girl. By the Grace and Mercy of God, your Father and I are here to provide for u because it’s our responsibility Okay?

Me: I know Mummy

Mummy: No let me talk,,, I have seen in the movies how boys use rich girls to get what they want and left them heart-broken, U better behave yourself. I hope u will never forget what happened to u when u toiled with the daughter of a soldier not to mention when u mess up with the daughter of the Commander In-Chief of the Armed forces

Me: I haven’t forgotten, thanks for always reminding me (Pissed)

Momma: Yes, if by reminding u every now and then will make u behave yourself,,, I will never stop updating it into your brain

Me: But Mummy trust the son u raised na

Nancy: (Laughs)

Me: And what’s funny to u?

Nancy: Uhmmm Mummy, we should be going to the shop now oh…

Momma: Yes o my daughter,,, take these things inside let’s go

Hhmmmmm….. I smell conspiracy.
**Later that day**

Dad arrived home, Momma had to close early from the shop to welcome her husband. He brought lots of goodies,,, that’s what i love about him. Before Momma and Nancy came, we had a little chat.

Boss: So you’re ok now?

(Yea that’s what i call him)

Me: Yes sir

Boss: Good,,, go and get me water from the Cway

Me: Ok sir

I rushed to the Cway, got the water, return back to him and gave him the water. After drinking, i collected the cup and took it back to it’s position. He stood up, probably going to his room. I heard the car horning at the gate, I ran to open it for Momma for her to come in. She entertained her husband before we left for Church by 7pm.


We returned back from the mid-week service as we normally do every wednesday, everyone went straight to their rooms to drop their Bibles and also change dresses. Lest i forget, Mirabel called earlier and the following conversation ensued…

Me: sweetheart

Mirabel: Hi dear, I’m home now

Me: At the villa?

Mirabel: Yes of course
Hhmmmm Presidential villa don turn home abi?

Me: Ok good, how was the little trip?

Mirabel: It was fine, except for the spoilt road at some parts of the road

Me: Maybe your dad hasn’t come to that part yet

Mirabel: I dunno what the FCT Minister is even doing in that office, imagine

Me: Don’t mind him (Not enjoying the topic) So how is my heart doing?

Mirabel: Very well but kinda not feeling too happy, Dad and Mom aren’t home. They both went different places, Dad went to Canada for a meeting or so and Mom went to Uganda for African’s First Ladies Conference, I’m feeling so lonely.

Me: Well, I’m not surprised for the whereabouts of your parents, having a whole Country on their shoulders is not an easy task

Mirabel: I know… Just can’t wait for school to resume lemme get away from here and be with who will be there for me at all times

Me: Really?

Mirabel: Yes ofcourse
Me: (smiling) And who is this person? (Teasingly)

Mirabel: Who else? If not you my love

Me: Me too can’t wait to get u under my arms again

Mirabel: Uhmmm…. that reminds me, when will u be coming to the Villa?

Me: I’m not sure yet, But until my Dad travels because Mum won’t be a problem

Mirabel: Okay, please u will need to bring Nancy along

Me: What? why??

Mirabel: She wants to come here and i promised her that she’ll come along with u whenever you’re coming.

Me: But u never told me about this before

Mirabel: I know… please baby do this for me pleaseeeee…

Me: Yea but if only we’d have some privacy, u know what i mean

Mirabel: What privacy? don’t tell me you’re thinking of having s-x with me here?

Me: What? No! ofcourse not, come on,,, i mean, why would i even think of doing such? But…..

Mirabel: What?

Me: Never mind, it’s nothing

Mirabel: What is it? Tell me

Me: It’s nothing really

Mirabel: Alright so what’s up?

Me: Just missing u very much

Mirabel: Missing u too, please try to inform me on when u will be coming ok?

Me: Sure

Mirabel: And it should be very soon

Me: I will try, it solely depends on my Dad

Mirabel: Okay,,, U said he’s a chartered accountant right?

Me: Yea

Mirabel: It’s a nice profession

Me: Yea

Mirabel: U know what? leave your Dad to me, I just thought of something,,,, so don’t worry, your Dad won’t be a problem,,, I shall handle it

Well, base on how i watch Hollywood movies, if someone says a person won’t be a problem, the next thing that follows is some kind of a problem or even death. I hope that’s not the case here. Of course not!

Me: What do u mean by my Dad won’t be a problem?

Mirabel: Don’t u worry sweety, I will start working on it right away

Me: Okay,,, hope its for good?

Mirabel: It could even be for better if not the best, trust me dear

Me: That’s my baby,,, **Car horns** Got to go babe, I think my Dad is back

Mirabel: Okay,,,, Love u… please text me his official mail and don’t forget

Me: Alright i will that, Love more byeeee….

**Hangs up**

***During Dinner***

Dad: Who owns the phone you’re holding Nancy?

I raised my head up and saw her using the new iPhone Mirabel got for her.