“I’m Obinim” Season 2 Episode 3



I was then caught up in another daisy moment, whether I should deny Pozo and hand him over to these men who really looked harmful or stand beside him at the expense of my own life.

Aside the weird dream I had, Pozo has really be a good friend to me.

Helping me in time of need where no one will even listen to my plea, let alone give a helping hand apart from him.

Was this the best way to repay him for the helping hand he gave me?I was the only one he came running to for help, and the best I can do is to just hand him over to these men for them to do whatever they wished just because I want to save my life over a dream I just had. What if these men end up killing him just the way they did to me in my dream? Then Pozo’s blood will be on my hand. Do I then live the rest of my life living in guilt?

Do I prefer living my life as murderer or be murdered instead. I had a plan; I will still find a way to save Pozo and again hand him over. I opened the door for him to go into my room and closed the door right afterwards.

These men threatened to harm me if I don’t give up Pozo. I even wondered what he has done for them to be chasing him with clubs and sticks, so I asked.

“Do you know Anokye? The guy who lives just across the street? One of the men responded.

“Yeah I do, the guy who deals in motor spare parts” I said.

“Exactly, this Pozo guy just smashed his head against a wall and as I’m talking to you now, he is not among the living. Get out of our way before we treat you as an accomplice,” He said.

“Speaking of that, don’t you think you will have a lot to answer if the police gets here and find out that you guys took the laws into your own hands?

Why don’t we call the police, then they will take the matter up rather than making things worse?” I said.

The angry mob began shouting, not in support of what I said.

Out of nowhere, I just had the naughtiest slap. They tried pushing me away from the door, that was where I began to realize that my dream was gradually coming to pass.

Even though, It happened in a different way, it was coming to pass.

I feared for my life, the crowd looked more aggressive than what I even saw in my dream.

All they needed was a boost, and the rest will join in without thinking twice about it. The slap was just the boost they needed.

In other to get me out of the way, they needed to do what they thought was the best, thus beating the hell out of me.

A fist then followed an elbow, I didn’t even know where it came from, they all just landed on my face and the only I saw was blood coming from my nose. I became weak and even felt dizzy.

I couldn’t see anything more. I didn’t know what happened. The last thing I saw was when i was stumped in my face.

My dream had partially come true and my life was at stake. I heard voices all over, people screaming and rushing in out and out. I could hear them but didn’t even see them.
As at that time, I didn’t even know whether I’m alive or not, I did my best to save the situation but I just couldn’t prevent the dream from coming true.

To be continued.