“I’m Obinim” Season 2 Episode 1



Even as I stood there, Shela could see me but Jojo couldn’t. This is the beginning of my life after death mission on earth where I would be faced with realities and superstitions.

Shela thought it was the usual attitude of Jojo, who didn’t regard me as anything. She just ignored the question and walked out on me and Jojo.

To her, she thought she had left me with Jojo and who knows she was thinking I may confront Jojo with Paulina’s case. Jojo on the other hand just sat on the sofa and switched on the TV set to relax himself. At that moment I wished I could just smashed the remote control from him and slap him with it.

I just watched him as he sat and watched  TV  comfortably. Again the reality of being dead came back to me. Why should I be dead in the first place, then Pozo who actually in a way was the cause of my death came to mind.  He drove me into going with him. He actually was the one who caused my death. If it wasn’t for him, I would have been alive by now, and I would have  been able to get this idiot I mean Jojo out of Shela’s life for good.

I should be confronting him and not Jojo. As I thought of confronting him, it came like a switch, there and then I just stood right at Pozo’s house, where he was sitting on his bed with his whole body shaking.

Another strange thing, he was able to see me. He began screaming and running away from me. I wanted to confront him but not to harm. The more I tried getting closer to him the more he ran away from me. Eventually he finally ran out of his room.

Maybe this was not the right time for me to do the confrontation, my lifeless body by then was being arranged to be placed in the morgue. However the doctor needed to contact a family member of mine before doing that. He took my phone which was earlier on retrieved from my pocket and decided to call the last person I spoke to before I died.

It was no other person than Shela. The Doctor then called her.

“Good day madam” said the Doctor.

“Good day sir, how may I help you” Shela asked.

“Well I am from Regional Hospital. Can you pass by for a moment. Apperantly we got your number from one Mr. Obinim’s phone” The Doc said.

“Sir, I know him, is anything the problem” Shela asked.

“Come by the hospital, then we can talk about it” the Doc said.

“I will be there right away Doc” Shela said.

She quickly hurried up and came straight the hospital, all along, I was just standing by and looking at my dead body.  The more I looked at it, tears came down from my checks.

Shela just came in, and was directed to the doctor’s office where eventually the Doctor broke the news to her. She couldn’t believe it because she had seen me just about an hour ago yet the Doctor claims I have been dead for more than 3 hours now.

Just for her to confirm, she was made to come and see my body at the ward, where I was also standing by. She came in with the doctor and there she saw my body right there. This time around, she didn’t even see that I was standing close by. She fainted immediately when she saw my dead body on the hospital bed.

From far away I head someone banging a door from a distance, it was very noisy and all of a sudden I just woke up on my bed, in my room. It was all a dream. I woke up sweating with my bed all wet. I was scared and even began touching my body to see if I was really alive.

Indeed, I am alive and am grateful for that.  The banging of the door was not a dream, it was real, I stood up to check who it was and there Pozo stood behind my door. His mission was for me to go with him to see a friend who owe him, just like the way I dreamt it. What should I do? Should I really take precaution because of this dream?

I just stood there not knowing the answer to give him.

To Be Continued.