I’m Obinim Episode 7



It was obvious now, no words could explain the way we both felt. The only thing that broke up the silence was when she told me to come closer.
I didn’t hesitate; I just kept looking at her. Her father was still behind me, starring at us from a distance. Shela was aware she was coming to meet her brother, the brother she never had to stand up for her. The next thing she asked was

“Are you what I think you are? Shela asked me.

I couldn’t say anything than to nod my head. She took me by the hand and hugged me very tight. My eyes became teary, she held me tighter that I could literally feel the way she needed me.
We sat down in class together yet didn’t know we were blood related and the worse part of it was that I almost got intimately involved with my own blood sister that was the only thing I prayed to God for forgiveness.

Shela and I talked and renewed our relationship. I had to play the responsibility as a brother now

After a long day, it was time for us to depart to our various houses; I still showed my father attitude because I couldn’t just forgive him for being away all this while. My only consolation now was my sister Shela. But I was fighting deep within me. I was in love with my sister and secretly I had to find a way out of this.

I have to see her as my sister, not the girl who I wanted to win from the hands of Jojo. Speaking of Jojo, after we left my uncle’s place, my father decided to drive me home, I was seated in the car with Shela, and that was when she told me everything and how she got married to Jojo just because of the interest of our father.

This even worsen the situation, first of all I couldn’t see myself forgiving my father for being away and now Shela is going through hell because of his own interest.

This made me hate Jojo the more for him to be treating my sister that way. I need to do something.  At least we needed to give our father a good reason enough to stand behind his daughter Shela, and for once forget about his personal interest.

That was when we decided to bring the lady whom Jojo had secretly gotten impregnated back into the picture. Shela still had her number, apparently she took it from Jojo’s phone when she got access to read his texts messages.

Shela and I then decided to meet up the next at my place and lure the lady into meeting us.

Soon we got to my apartment, my father then wrote down cheque for me which I refused. I really needed the money though, it was 1500GHS. I can do a lot with that money. But I had to show of “hardcore negga”. I refused it severally, I wanted him to feel bad for not being there than to buy me off with his money.

Shela intervene and guess what, I took it “sharp”. I walked with my shoulders high like a real man, I felt I was rich. That was the moment I remembered my late uncle. Now that I have the money to buy him the provisions, he is nowhere to be found. I miss him already and somehow I could feel his presence when I got to my room.

As much as I can brag and all that, I was afraid.  I thought, just like in most Ghanaians movies, he will pop up at the corner of my room and just mention my “Obinim”.  Just as these thoughts were going through my mind, the alarm on my phone rang. I didn’t realize it by then, I shouted “Jesus” immediately and almost ran out of my room.

If just an alarm could scare the hell out of me, then you can guess how I spent the rest of my night. I read meanings to any funny sound that I will hear, either from quirking sound of my door, to the standing fan that made horrible noise when it’s rotating. Anytime that fan rotated, it looked as if it was going to fall off.

The next thing that got me so scared that I had to jump onto my bed and cover my head with the pillow was when I was plugging in my phone charger. Somehow, it made a sparkling sound. I thought that was my end.
The only thing that got me distracted was when the thought of Shela came into my mind. I mean, how can i even be in love with my own sister? That’s a big abomination. It’s not right. I really have to find a way to deal with that.

Already I started making plans for 1500GHS cheque. The first thing was to pay off my utility bills so that this landlord will just leave me peace.
Before I could even have some sleep it was already 5:00am. I will be meeting Shela by 6:30am leaving me no other option than  prepare for her meet up. I took a quick and left home immediately.

I got to the venue where we had agreed to meet and to my surprise she had already gotten there. That showed how important this meant to her.

Quickly I told her to make the phone call to the lady who Jojo had gotten pregnant. We were planning to meet her today so we could know how true this whole thing was. Shela quickly made the call.

Shela: “Hello”

Lady: “Hi, who is on the line?

Shela: “Oh my name is Yvonne, Jojo’s sister”

Lady: “Jojo, never told me about her sister”

Shela: “I know my dear, I personally told him not to, I was happy when she told me she was finally going to settle down with you , I took your number so we can meet and even get to know each other very well”

Lady: “I would love to, so when are you thinking of this meeting”

Shela: “I’m in town now, around oxford street. Maybe you can show me where you are, I will drive by and meet you, if  only  you are free.”

Lady: “Oxford street, I’m even around there, I came to meet someone up, give me your exact location and I will be there in the next five minutes.”

That was easy; Shela gave her our location immediately. She assured as she was coming so we patiently waited for her.

Within eight minutes, Shela’s phone began ringing, She had arrived.  We got down from Shela’s car and there Paulina stood. Paulina was pregnant for Jojo. The same girl who I have been crushing on ever since. Paulina, the very same girl who saw me as a counselor and nothing else.

To be continued.