The door opened and Kafui entered, he looked at Afia crouching in the corner of the bed.

How did such a girl end up with Elom?

Elom was a natural jerk, everyone knew that, how come she hadn’t figured that out.

He walked towards her and untied her. “Come on, let’s go for a ride” Kafui said as he looked at her.

She was very terrified and he knew she had to be. She retreated.

“No, I’m not going anywhere with you”.

“oh yes you are going, unless you want me to tell the family who you are?” Afia looked at him oddly.

What the hell was wrong with these people, she had killed Kafui’s brother and he hadn’t told the family already?

Reality dawned on her. He was going to kill her, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a murder for a murder….oh dear God, she preferred to be in jail, at least with that she might still have a life.

She rushed to him and knelt in front of him. “Kafui, please, please don’t kill me, please call the police, don’t kill me, my mother will die if something happens to me”.

Kafui looked at her and pushed her away. Somehow he felt a little pity for her, she had ended up with a totally wrong man.

“oh your mother, is that right? Well, Elom has a ,mother, a father, two wives, five children, so who had more to lose?”


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Afia staggered, had the world she had known two years ago been replaced with another?

she remembered the movie Fringe, maybe she was in the other world.

“He had what?” She sat on the bed with a thump.

Do what you want with me, I don’t have energy to fight anymore.

He held her hand and dragged her out of the house, this time she didn’t resist, he pushed her into the front seat and went back inside.

Afia opened the car door slowly and walked towards the gate, it was locked with a huge padlock and chains, Afia sat infront of the gate and cried.

She watched as Kafui stepped out, looked at her and chuckled.

“I thought you were too tired of fighting”

He held her arm and dragged her up.

“I didn’t expect the gate to put up a resistance”.

He pushed her back into the front seat, opened the gate and went to his side of the car.

“Now you listen to me carefully, if through the drive you do something stupid, I’m going to kill you before you even think of moving, got it? Afia nodded.

She truly was tired of fighting. She sat quietly as Kafui drove, she got more and more terrified as Kafui drove away from Accra into the bushy areas.

“ Kafui, please, if you are going to kill me please let me talk to my mother first….please, she’s the most important person in my life.

Kafui looked at her and sneered.

“did you allow Elom to talk to his mother and two wives and kids before you killed him?”

Afia looked at him. “Do you even know what led to what happened, what, you think I killed Elom because he failed to give me a goodnight hug?”

Kafui chuckled. “you have quite a mouth on you girl”.

He parked his car in an isolated place. He got down and dragged Afia down, she pleaded with him but he ignored her as they walked through the bushes.

Afia looked around, all she could see was bushes, Kafui was going to kill her, she felt her bladder get heavy like she was going to pee on herself but she didn’t, she shivered and looked up to the skies.

Her life was going to end at a very young age. She hadn’t even been able to apologize to Korkor….or talk to Sedi…….or tell Patrick all she wanted to right in his face, and she was going to die, in the bushes…..but what if he wasn’t going to kill her?

Why else would he bring her all the way here?

“please when it’s time to kill me, make it fast and painless please”. Kafui looked at her and clicked.

“fast and painless, you really think it’s going to be fast and painless, you deserve long and excruciating, you committed murder.

Oh hell, he really was going to kill her.

Kafui was going to kill Afia, would he be able to do that?

Find out in Episode 3…………