I’m A Hitman Episode 2


Jayden’s pov

I dropped her in my car, her blood had stained my white shirt. F*ck!

She was crying and shouting while I ignited the car engine and drove back home.


I pulled her out of the car and dragged her into the building. I pushed her to the couch and crouched down in front of her.

Her hand was bleeding badly.
“Just stay quietly and behave well till your last breath. Do…not..try…to..escape. Cause I will find you.” I warned and got up.

“Who are you? And what do you want from me!” She asked, her hand covering her bleeding wound.

“You wanna know?” She nodded. “Am a hitman.” I told her.

She blinked her eyes rapidly and gulped. She opened her mouth to talk but couldn’t.

“Are you afraid of me now? You know what a hitman does? You were proving braveness minutes ago. Hmm.” I laughed slyly.

“Am not afraid of you.” She finally found her voice. “Are you paid to ki*ll me?” She questioned.

“You don’t need to know. Since you know what a hitman is.” I sighed and left her.

I came back with a first aid box and found her on the couch. Fast asleep.

I left her minutes ago, and she’s already sleeping. I bent down and grabbed her arm gently, avoiding not to wake her up.

I dressed her wound and looked at her face which was covered with hair. I removed the strands of hair from her face and stood up, taking the box with me.

I got to my bed and lay down. I took my phone and dialed the Mafia’s number. Gideon.

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He picked it and said, “Done?”

“Yeah. Done. She’s with me.” I replied.

“Good. You can do anything with her but don’t ki*ll her till I give you order. Okay?”

“Anything? Okay. I won’t ki*ll her.” I answered.

“Good. You can greet your mother for me.” He laughed. The line went dead immediately, He’s trying to.mock me again. I glanced at the picture behind me and took a deep breath. My family picture. With my dad, mom and my girlfriend. I love all of them but made me cold and heartless.

Dad and Jessica was killed by a mafia whom I have been trying to find. While mom was able to escape but was shot in both legs and that made her a cripple.

My father is a tycoon, who owns a legal business that builds guns, bombs and other weapons that are used for wars and so on.

He once told me he had a deal with a mafia. He never told me the full details before he died.

I was in another country, studying when I heard the news. My father’s business was ruined and it got burnt.

I felt nothing but revenge. My heart is dark.
I had to become a hitman to get my revenge. Not only that, but to make money. Being a hitman is quite good.

I dialed my mom’s number and thankfully she picked it. She isn’t here in this country. I want her safe.

“Jayden!” I heard her squealing voice.

“Mom! How are you doing?” I smiled.

“Am doing good! When are you coming home son? Here is just too boring” She whined softly.

“Mom! Don’t worry. Am coming soon. Just wait a little while.” I sighed softly.

“Okay. Am waiting. And bring home a girlfriend Jayden. Bye.” She said and hung up.

Girlfriend? I chuckled at that as I dropped my phone and slept off.