I’m A Hitman Episode 1


(Don’t fall in love with me. Do not love me)

Written by Uche Lawrence.

Jayden’s pov

“I want her f****ng dead body after two months. All you need is to keep her and wait till I give you order. Okay?” The mafia said while I took a sip of my wine.

“Why don’t you just let me ki*ll her straight away and forget about it. I hate keeping people in my custody.” I groaned as I dropped the wine glass on the table.

“No J.D, i want to use her as a threat to her father, to give me what i want. I know he will.” I could picture a wicked smile on his lips.

“Okay. But two months is just too long. I might ki*ll her soon.”

“J.D! Don’t do that!” He yelled.

“Fine! Fine! Okay. Am gonna take her and wait for your f****ng order.” I rolled my eyes at him, even if he can’t see it.

“Okay. Am gonna send the money to you.”

“Good. I hope she’s pretty.” I mumbled.

“Get to know yourself. Bye.” He hung up.

I sighed and stood up from the rocking chair. Just three steps, my phone beeped. I unlocked the phone and saw the alert, the details and money the mafia sent to me. I smiled and stuck it back into my pocket.

“Let’s get to work.” I said to myself.

I got to my room and packed my guns, knives and other weapons I might be needing. I put them into my bag, wore my dark glasses then marched out of the house.

I entered into my car and drove out of the compound.

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I got to the address the girl live. The girl is really pretty in that picture Gideon sent to me. And she lives alone. With guards though.

I came down from the car to see how many guards are there. I was far away from the house. I walked around the house spying. Not up to five guards. Too easy to take down.

I went back to my car and loaded my sniper-rifle with bullets and targeted the first one at the gate. He went down while the other four rushed to the gate. Looking here and there, ready to sh00t.

I used the telescope and target the second one, then the third and finally the fourth. They all went dead.

I dropped the rifle and took a small gun from the bag and got down from the car. I walked inside the big house by climbing the fence.

I got to the porch and was about to open the door but someone beat me to it. A pretty girl with a blond hair.

Her dilated in shock when she saw the guards dead right at the gate.

“What the hell are you doing here? Who are you? How did you get into this house? Tell me!” She snarled and before I knew it, she brought out a gun from her pocket.

Oh! Am not surprised. She should have a gun when her father is also a mafia.

I smiled and moved close to her but she didn’t move an inch.

“Do you know me?” I said in a deep voice. Very deep.

“No I don’t, and I don’t want to know you.” She answered bravely.

“Okay. Am here to do my job.” I smirked and held her hair hardly.

She winced and raised the gun to my arm.

“I will sh00t you! If you try any f****ng thing.” She spoke, breathlessly. I chuckled and left her hair then pointed a gun at her.

“I don’t know why I still have to keep you. I feel like blowing your f****ng skull off and go my way. Anyway, just take this to calm down.” I tilted my head and shot her in her arm.

“Argh! You son of a b***h!” She groaned while I collected the gun from her and carried her over my shoulder and walked away.