I’m A Hitman Episode 53


Kimberly’s pov
The doctor came in and treated my dad before going back. I stared at my dad, he was still sleeping. His body was bandaged.

I got up from the bed and went to my room to call Jayden. Just to check how he’s doing?

The phone rang the first, second and third time before picking up the last ring.

“Jayden, are you busy? I can…….”

“No, I’m not busy. I was just talking with someone so I left my phone on silent.” He explained. “So, how are you doing?” He asked and I couldn’t help but blushed.

“I’m fine. But, my father was shot.” I replied.

“Shot? How? When?”

“I don’t know. But he has been treated now.” I answered him. “Where are you? Still in Russia?”

“Yeah. I’m still here. Like I said before, I need to take revenge for what that bas***d did to me. Guess what? I found their warehouse.”

“You found it? What are you going to now?” I questioned. “Are you going to attack them soon?” I creased, waiting for an answer.

“Hey! Not now! Slowly I’m gonna do that. For now, I will be disguising as one of their workers. Evans is going to help me.” He responded.

“Evans? Who’s he?”

“Evans is a good friend of mine. We have plans. Just calm down, I’ll be fine.”

“Are you sure? Jayden, I don’t want anything to happen to you.” I answered with a worry tone.

“Kim, I’ll be fine. Stop treating me like a baby.” He laughed and I wished he was caressing my head.

“Fine! if you insist. But please don’t make me get worried at all. I will be sad.”

“It’s okay. I need to go now. I will start working on the plan tomorrow.” He said.

“Tomorrow? Isn’t that too fast? Hayden be careful!” I warned him.

“It’s not too fast. I need to act fast also. I might be coming to your house this weekend.” Jayden uttered.

“Make sure you come. I’m expecting you!”

“I didn’t say I will be coming. I might.” Said Jayden.

“I’m not buying that. Just come. Have missed your handsome face so much. I Can’t just wait to see it again.” I squeaked.

“Kimberly, I know you love me. Do you think I feel the same for you?” His question took me off guard.