I’m A Hitman Episode 52


Jayden’s pov

The bas***d is going to lay for what he did to me. Finally, I traced his number down here.

He had called me earlier and told me that, he heard Kimberly is back.

The house looks like a ware house.

I ain’t ready to leave the country soon. I called Evans to text me the hotel he was staying. But he told me he had gotten an apartment. Good.

Evan has really been good to me. I boarded a cab and told the driver my destination.

Few minutes, I was there. The house was kinda big enough.

I pressed the button of the door bell and shortly, a woman came out.

Hmm….Evans! He can never change.

“I’m here for Evans. Is he home?” I asked the lady.

She replied with a nod and asked for my name.
“Ohh! He’s expecting you.” The woman beamed and ushered me in.

“Evans?” I called.

The man at the bar turned and faced me with a smile. He was holding a glass cup in his hand.

It really him. “Evans!!” I squeaked and ran to hug him.

“How have you been? Man, you’ve grown so much than i thought. This isn’t the same Jayden anymore.” Evan teased.

“Hey stop that! Don’t try to tell me I’m getting chubby now.” I rolled my eyes.

“I’m not saying that. Oh! Anyway, meet my beautiful fiancee, Tracy.” He introduced.

“Like you guys are engaged or what?” I creased.

“Yes.” Evans replied.

“Good day, Jayden. Nice meeting you.” She stretched her hand forward for a handshake which I took politely.

“Nice meeting you too. Once Evans misbehave, don’t forget to let me know. So, I can treat his f**k up.” I winked as I shook her hand.

We disengaged our hands.
Tracy went to go prepare something while I amd Evans decided to talk.

“You get to know the building by tracing the number?” I nodded and he continued. “That’s going to be our first target.”

“I’m thinking of disguising as a worker. The workers covered their faces with mask. That would be better. Whatever information i get in there, I give you to look into it.” I replied.

“Yeah. That’s a great idea. You need to find a way of getting into that warehouse. I will help you.”