I’m A Hitman Episode 48


Kimberly’s pov

Why him? Why Jayden of all men? There are so many men around chasing me but I chose to love only him.

But he doesn’t love me back. Did he? No.

I sniffed and cleaned my tears. Finally we got to our destination and I hurriedly came down.

I was in a hurry, so eager, impatient to see my father. I entered the house and saw my father with some men around him talking.

He sighted me and we both beamed. “Kimberly!!” He shouted and ran to me.

He hugged which I did back. “You don’t know how much I missed you my daughter. You don’t know how you got me worried and mad when I heard you’re missing.” My father said and sighed and we disengaged.

He dismissed the men that were in the room and ordered some maids to prepare me food while I tell him my days in Italy.

“Where’s the boy?” My father asked. He was talking about Jayden.

“Father, I don’t know where he is now. I left him in the airport.” I answered.

“Oh! I should deal with him and also reward him good for taking my daughter amd back to me alive.” My dad chuckled.

It been long I saw my dad smile. He hardly smile or laugh ever since my mother died. It like part of him was dead too.

“Well dad, I will be staying here for a while. I’m sure you’re rival, Gideon would be expecting my body soon and he won’t take it easy on you.”

“Yeah, you will be staying here. I don’t want anything to happen to you again. Not anymore.” My dad responded.

Minutes later, the maids came and led me to the dining table to eat.

I ate to my satisfaction and made my way upstairs to one of the bedrooms to lay my back and sleep.

Just as I was about sleep. A maid came into my room and told me my attention was needed downstairs.

“Is the person my father?” I asked the maid but she shook her head. “Who could it be?” I arched my brows and got up from the bed.

I walked downstairs to the sitting room only to see him. Martin?