I’m A Hitman Episode 33


Jayden’s pov

Without hesitating, I brought out my gun and shot the person in the head. Kimberly screamed. She shouldn’t scream.

Her eyes darted to the man in his pool of blood.

“I don’t know why you’re shouting. Not like you’ve never seen this before.” I huffed.

“I haven’t!” She yelled.

“Huh? Aren’t you the mafia’s daughter? You should have seen this before.”

“Arrgh! I only know how to sh00t a gun and not ki*ll. My father doesn’t ki*ll in front of me.” She placed her hands on her chest, breathing hard. “That just scared me.” She added.

“You really surprised me. Such a scared kitten you’re.” I chuckled, held her hand and led her into the car. “No shopping again. That bloody fool canceled it.” I growled.

I glanced at his dead body and watch closely at his arm. He has an axe tattoo. I looked away and started the car.

“You’re really skilled.” Kimberly began. “You look more than a hitman”

“I look more than a hitman? How?” I asked.

“You don’t have to know. Should we just go somewhere? Instead of going home straight.” She said and I nodded.

“Do you miss your father?” I blurted and she answered with a nod.

“Yeah, so much. But I guess I’m kidnapped and won’t be able to see him any longer.” She responded with her head down.

“What if I say you’re still going to see your father. Before you die.” I stated.

“I’d appreciate that.”

“You won’t be able to talk to him. See him with your two eyes and we leave.” I replied.

“Yeah. It’s okay. But I would like to write a letter to him. A goodbye letter.” Kim responded.

Goodbye letter?

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“You don’t have to write him a goodbye letter.”

“Well, I think I have to. Cause you told me am likely to die after or even within the two months” Her words were coming out in a rush.

“You aren’t sure if I’m going to ki*ll you or not. I might not hurt you. You’re too pretty to be killed.” I answered.

“Are you teasing me? You’re just joking?” She scoffed.

“No, I guess I’m attracted to you Kimberly.” I concluded.