I’m A Hitman Episode 32


Jayden’s pov

“You told her about us?” I arched my brow.

Why would she tell her about us?

“You don’t want me to tell her?” My mother questioned.

“Does she deserve to know? Well, since you told her already. It’s fine. Just that I don’t want anyone meddling into our lives.” I rolled my eyes.

“What of Evans? Is he not a meddler?”

“I know Evans right from childhood. And I trusted him well.” I answered.

‘But you kissed the girl.’ My subconscious mocked.

“Then, you should start trusting her.” Mom simply said.

“Mom! Let’s not talk about this, okay?” I groaned.

“You’re just too stubborn.” Mom retorted and faced the channel she was watching.

My phone rang and I excused myself.


“Guy-guy, I’m in Russia now. Should I come straight to your apartment?” He asked.

“I’m not in Russia. I’m in italy. But do stay in a hotel till I come back there.” I said.

“Okay, buddy.”

I climbed the stairs up to my room and found kimberly on my bed, already awake.

“Good morning.” She mumbled.

“Yeah, good morning.” I replied.

She got down from the bed and proceeded to open the door.

“Let’s go out today. For shopping.” I blurted.

“When? Now?” She answered.

“Not now, I mean in the afternoon.”

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I wore a white shirt and blue trouser before sitting down in front of the mirror and primp my hair.

I grabbed my phone and left the room waiting for Kimberly to come. Mom wheeled her wheel chair to me amd smiled.

That smile is suspicious.

“You look good, son.” My mom complimented.

“Thanks.” I raised my head up to see Kimberly coming down from the stairs in a blue gown and black heels.

I won’t deny that she’s really beautiful.

I bid my mom goodbye and led the way out and, to where my car was parked.

Minutes later, the car came to a halt and we came down.

Just as we were about to enter. A bullet flew to my direction, making me push Kimberly away and stepped back so it won’t hit me.

I snapped my head up and caught the person with the gun. Without hesitating, I brought out my gun and shot the person in the head.

Kimberly screamed. She shouldn’t scream.