I’m A Hitman Episode 26


Jayden’s pov

I smiled inwardly as I said those words.
Truthfully, she’s more beautiful with her hair untie.

“Give me the rubber band, Jayden.” She tried to put her hand in my pocket but I caught her hand.

“I’m not giving you.”I rolled my eyes at her.

“Okay, just give me the band. I promise not to tie my hair” She raised her green eyes to me.

I gave her and she immediately took her hair, wanting to tie it but I grabbed her hand and pulled her to me.

I fell on the bed with Kimberly on me. She gasped and looked at me in the eyes.

My heart beat faster cause our lips were almost touching. Those lips of hers…..so juicy.

“Hmm…..I’m sorry. So sorry.” She tried to get up from my body but I drew her back.

“You look pretty!” I muttered.

I took my time to watch her face well. She’s so pretty. Her hair covered the other side of our face.

She noticed it and stuck it behind her hair.
“I need to go” Her voice shook.

I smiled while my hand went to her waist and held it firmly.

“I think we should kiss.” I blurted.

“Kiss? You’re joking. We can’t kiss. You’re aren’t my boyfriend.” She scoffed.

She moved her face to the other side but I turned it back to me with my hand.
I love to see her beautiful face.

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“Yeah, we can’t kiss” Was all I said.

“I thought you’re going to turn into a pervert”
She batted her lashes.

“Should i become one?” I arched my brow with a smirk.

“Hey! I didn’t ask you to become one. I’m feeling uncomfortable. What if someone sees us here” She kept ranting and ranting, her lips dancing sexily in front of me.

Ashh! Jessica I’m going to do something.

“………….your mother is going see us like this. Even Sarah……..”

“Can you just keep quiet?” I interrupted her.

“Huh? Why? Why? Why? Just let me go. Argh!” She struggled again and this time, I held her neck and pulled her more closer to me.

With that, our lips met. We kissed. Her lips were so soft and lush.

I kissed her slowly with affection.