I’m A Hitman Episode 4


Jayden’s pov

Who the hell is after my mom again?

“Did the person hurt you? Where’s the bas***d?” I asked furiously as I move out of the store to my room.

“He has been taken by some police.I just had a scratch on my leg. Thanks to Sarah who had called the cops before something happen. I’d be dead by now.” Mom replied, sniffing.

“Mom, I told you to let me give you a bodyguard but you aren’t listening. Am coming to Italy now.” I rushed my words.

“Seriously, I need you here Jayden.I don’t wanna die without seeing you first. Please come to Italy.” Mom pleaded and I nodded even if she didnt see me.

“Am coming now. I will book the next flight to italy now. Bye mom and take care of yourself till I get there.”

“Oh yes son! I will.” The line went dead.

“Am I going with you or am staying here till you come back or what?” The girl was holding her wounded arm.

“Oh! I need to call the person after your life and ask.” I smirked and brought out my phone then dialed the Mafia’s number.

“J.D? What’s up?” The old man laughed.
I just hate him.

“I’d be going to Italy today. It’s very urgent. So, am asking what am I suppose to do with the b***h?” I questioned.

“Why do you have to go now to Italy? Okay, that will be fine. You can take her far away. Once her father sees that his daughter is no where to be found around here, he’d give me what I want.” The man sniggered.

“What do you want from my father? Why did you have to take me just to threaten my father?” The girl yelled behind me.

“Just f*cking shut up right now! You don’t talk while am calling. They are always important!” I snapped.

“Gideon, you know my job as a hitman. I don’t kidnap. Instead, I ki*ll people. I don’t understand why you still wanna let me keep her. Anyway, I don’t have time now. f**k off!” I hung up angrily.

“You shouldn’t interfere in whatever am saying okay? Am dangerous and if you annoy me so.much, I might wound you!” I warned her.

“Yes. Whatever!” She mumbled.

“And, watch your tongue too.” I added. “Get ready, we are going to Italy.”

“Am already ready.” She shrugged her shoulder.

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I packed some clothes into my bag and threw the bag to the girl to hold while I took my keys so I could lock the door.

We came out of the house and boarded a taxi to the airport. Luckily, there’s still available flight to Italy and I booked for two people.

The plane was to take off in the next three hours, so we still have time.

I saw a man staring at me secretly but looked away when he saw me looking back at him.

He adjusted his dark glasses and stylishly looked at me again. Hmm…something is wrong…..

“Let’s go somewhere. Don’t scream to what is about to happen now.” I told the girl and dragged her up.

Through the glass door, I saw the man behind me with his hand in his pocket. I got to a quiet area and hid in behind a big tree.

The man looked around backing us while I tiptoed to his back and hit him with one punch.
He fell to the ground. And I continued hitting him.

“Who are you?” I roared.

“Sir francis sent me.” He confessed.

The girl gasped.

“That monster!” Her chest raising and falling.