I’m A Hitman Episode 5


Jayden’s pov

“Sir francis sent me.” He confessed.
The girl gasped.

“That monster!” Her chest raising and falling.

Is she related to him or what? Did he know that man? That bas***d!

“You know him right?” I asked, walking towards her.

“Yes…yes. He’s…my uncle.” She stammered.

“Oh! Interesting!” I chuckled.

“So that man sent you to me or her?” I turned to the man.

“Both of you. Please let me go” The man begged but I didn’t listen instead, I searched his pocket and found a pen knife.

I took it out and stab him twice in the stomach. He fell down, groaning and struggling.

I held the girl’s hand and dragged her inside. We sat down for hours before the plane finally announced that it’s ready to take off.

We entered the plane and it took off. We landed in Italy after many hours.

We walked out of the airport and boarded a cab to my house which my mom lives in now.

The journey took thirty minutes. We stopped at the large house in front of us.

“Is this your house?” The girl asked while I took a quick glance at her.

“Yeah, let’s go in. I need to see my mom.” I urged while she bent down to take the bag.

I entered the password and the door got opened.
The first person I sighted was my mom on the wheelchair. She noticed the creaking sound of the door and turned.

She dropped the remote in her hand and beamed as she wheeled herself towards us.

“My son! How have you been?” She spread her hands as I bent down to hug her.

“Mother, are you okay now? Did you get hurt again?” I said worriedly.

“No son. Am already. Don’t worry about me.” She smiled and faced the girl.

“Who’s she?” She narrowed her gaze at me.


“Don’t tell me this is one of your victims!” Mom cut in.

Well she knows am a hitman. Since I told her my reasons for being that. She never agree to it but later on, she did and told me to be careful.

Just after am through with my mission, then am quitting being a hitman.

“Well yes. I just need to keep her for two months. She’s staying with us.” I concluded.

“You got a beautiful victim. Moreover, Jayden, when are you going to stop…….”

“Mom, I don’t wanna talk about it. Please.” I shut my eyes.

She wants me to stop being a hitman which is not possible until I get my revenge.

“Fine!” She breathed out. “What’s your name? Young lady.” She asked the girl.

I didn’t even know her name but I guess this is an opportunity for me to know that.

“It’s Kimberly ma.” Her gaze went to the floor.

Kimberly? Nice name.

“Wow! Am gonna call you Kim for short. Come take me to my room.” Mom urged her and she nodded smiling.

What’s mom trying to do? I shrugged and made my way upstairs.