I’m A Hitman Episode 6


Jayden’s pov

What’s mom trying to do? I shrugged and made my way upstairs.

I dropped my bag and set the clothes into my wardrobe and closed it before jumping on tbe bed.

My phone beeped and I picked it up to take a look at the message.

‘You’re in Italy now? Just do everything possible to keep her. His father already sent some boys there. I don’t know how he got to know.’ I read the message and smiled.

‘No worries, she’s safe but a pain in the neck.’ I typed back.

It took minutes before answering.
‘Her father is so stubborn and refused to give me what I wanted. Just need to give him some f****ng time to think about it again. If surely he needs his daughter.’ He sent a grinning emoji.

‘Just do what you wanted. Am not just gonna harbor someone I don’t know’ I sent back and dropped the phone.

I heard giggles from the other side of the room. What’s that b***h doing to my mom anyway?

And I guess my mom is having fun with her.

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Kimberly’s pov

I laughed as jayden’s mother showed me jayden’s pictures. When he was still little.

I feel like I have a mother once more.

“You look pretty to be jayden’s victim” His mother frowned.

“I guess he’s doing his job. You’re aware he’s a hitman?” Have been wanting to ask that question. His mom knew he was a hitman.

“Yeah. He got his reasons though.” The woman shrugged.

What are the reasons? I wanted to ask that but I don’t wanna poke into someone’s business.

“Okay then. Am just gonna be with him for two months. He’d ki*ll me after that, I guess.”

“Am still surprised he didn’t ki*ll you but instead kept you as commanded. If someone else, he would have killed that person.”
The woman stated.

“I don’t know why am kidnapped. He’d told me am gonna be dead soon.”

“Yes, you gonna be dead soon. Now come, let me show you to your room.” I turned to the person who said those words. Behind me.

I pressed my lips together and followed him like a loyal dog. We climbed the stairs and turned left.

We got to a door and jayden opened it and we both entered. He turned to me and said,
“This is going to be your room for the main time.” He spoke and left the room.

The room was big. I looked at myself and noticed I was still wearing my top and trouser.

I sighed and made my way to the bathroom to go take my bath.
Why do I feel that am still gonna live long.

I had my bath and wrapped myself with a towel. I went to the wardrobe and saw some clothes in there.

I brought out a gown and wore. It really suit me.
Jayden has a sistertor what?