I’m A Hitman Episode 7


Kimberly’s pov

I brought out a gown and wore. It really suit me. Jayden has a sister or what?

The door bursted open and revealed jayden.
His eyes ran all over my body. His eyes darkened Immediately.

“Why are you wearing that gown. It isn’t yours. You know that!” He pointed to the dress o was wearing.

“Hmm….the one I had on was dirty, so I searched around for a new clothes and found this.” I looked at the dress I wore.

There’s nothing wrong with it except if he wants me to go change it.

“You shouldn’t have wore it! Argh! Now remove it” He snarled and I looked at him with shock.

What did he just say?

“Which cloth do you expect me wear?”

“Let’s go to the mall and get you clothes. I don’t want to see you wearing clothes coming out from that wardrobe.” I nodded.

“Do you still want me to wear this cloth? Or I should……” He cut me in.

“Wear it! And let’s go.” I walked out of the room.

I heaved a sigh amd wore my sandals. I packed my hair in a ponytail and opened the door.

I got downstairs and met him on one of the couches. I don’t know why he’s so mad at me for wearing that dress.

I shrugged that off and walked to his side.
He took a quick glance at me then stood up and walked to the door.

He inserted the key to the car door and opened it. He took the driver’s seat while I sat beside him.

Soon, the car engine made some noise and the car began moving. It took us about thirty five minutes to get to the mall.

The mall was damn big.

We entered the mall and I saw some many things in there. Everything look so beautiful.

“Choose the ones you want.” I said sharply.
I nodded and got to the lady’s section.

I selected some clothes and undies. Then i took some sanitary pads.

I dropped them in front of the cashier. Jayden watched the cashier do her job. Soon, she said the amount and Jayden paid.

The cashier put the clothes and others into a shopping bag and gave it to me. Jayden led the way. He suddenly stopped.

He tilted his head and I traced his gaze with my eyes but they landed on a beautiful cream colored gown.

“You love that dress?” He asked. No doubt. I love the cloth.

“Yes. It’s beautiful” I smiled.

“Take it to the cashier. I will pay for that.” He turned to me.


I quickly took the dress to the cashier and he paid for it.

We got to his car and we drove home.

“You guys are back! You’re looking couple-ish.” Said his mother.

I beamed amd answered,

“Thank you ma.” “I’d be going upstairs now” I bowed and walked upstairs.