“If the condom is not on, ‘it’ should not be in.” ; Miz Gold caution



Nigerian dancehall star based in Ghana, Miz Gold, has intensified her campaign to discourage young persons, especially girls, from engaging in unprotected sex.

Miz Gold insists that girls are at the receiving end of the adverse effects of unprotected sex and must therefore be the ones to demand that “if the condom is not on, ‘it’ should not be in.”

“It is unfortunate the way young women in this dispensation are unable to take up the responsibilities of seeking their own protection in sexual activities by purchasing condoms and also insisting their partners use them.

“Please girls, don’t throw your future away because of sex pleasure. If you can’t abstain from it before marriage, get protection,” Miz Gold said.

According to her, unprotected sex is the reason there are a lot of homeless children and street children out there.
She has therefore taken it upon herself to keep reminding girls about the implications of engaging in unprotected sex. “Single parenting by most of these young women is as a result of their inability to take such initiatives towards their active involvement in sexual intercourse.

“So please say no to unprotected sex,” she added.

Miz Gold also called on corporate Ghana and celebrities to channel their resources into supporting vulnerable children and women by educating young women about the use of condoms and its importance.

Miz Gold is a songwriter, singer, artist, model and former dancer.

She is known for her relationship with Zome Records International Limited and has a number of singles to her credit.

She is also involved in a number of charity events as part of her desire to give back to society. Her unprotected sex campaign is the newest.

Credit Princess Naa Derbie