The Unknown Season 1 Episode 4


Previously On The Unknown

Credit Temitope Daniel.

. **** “Welcome Viv, the Secretary told you, right?”

“If she didn’t tell me, I wonder what I would be doing here! “Yeah, she did. She told me there is a short meeting.”

“She added short? I never told her the meeting would be short!” He smiled. “Anyways, have your seat.” Vivian stood for some seconds more before she sat down.

“What’s the meeting all about, Sir?” She enquired. “This is just a short meeting, between the accountant and the manager.” He smiled.

“Wait! You know what can happen if you reject this offer, don’t you?” Frank questioned, breathing heavily.

“To leave your company is not to leave the world!”

“You dare talk to me in that manner?” He grabbed her right hand.

“Excuse me!” She wriggle out her hand and pushed Frank away with all the strength that she had. Frank was already on the floor and his head, gushing out blood.

. “My greatest fear as I’m seated is about Vivian. I really don’t know if she remembers me at all.” Nicholas spoke as he stood up and walked to the shelf and leaned against it.

Stella sighed, taking her eyes off him for a moment and returned her gaze at him with a smile.

“Have you ever remembered it’s almost ten years ago, or even more than ten years now?”

“I know. There is something that is still uncertain,

. “I went out with my friends then, on returning, I was told she had to leave because she waited for me for so long and was sick. Not her fault, my phone got misplaced that day so we weren’t connected.”

. “That’s exactly what I just told you, she might have forgotten about you.”

“Something tells me she hasn’t forgotten about me. We made a secret promise, a secret oath because she lost her virginity to me and I promised her I wouldn’t leave her.” He replied.

“So, you guys passed the gravy … I never knew.” Stella took away her eyes and smiled. “If she’s still in this Kingdom, you’ll meet someday.”

“When I grow old, right?” He chuckled.

“Just have the faith.” Stella tapped him.

“Food’s here..” Doris smiled as she waved at the two from the dining set.

“The table is set.” She said.

“Alright baby.” Stella clobbered

“Let’s go.” “I lost my appetite.” He replied, seemed his mood had changed.

“That won’t be accepted by me, let’s go and eat now.

” Stella walked on.



.” Frank hissed aloud. He took off his blazer and thudded down the chair. “It was the same!” He informed Gregory.

Gregory smiled. “Frank, a good thing is not easy to lay hands on, you just have to be patient.” Gregory told him.

Frank hissed again. “I don’t think this will ever touch my hand, not to talk of hands. I think she has given birth to a child before and besides she pushed me away and I bled.”

“Bartender, give me a bottle of wine.” Gregory snap his finger as he called the bartender and faced Frank back. He took a sip from the cup before him and smiled at Frank. “What did you say the other time?”

“I said I think she has given birth before, I think. And, she pushed me away out of anger and made me bleed.”

Gregory cleared his throat. “Given birth? Will you now get married to a bird that has produced before? And, don’t you know you just bled for love.?” He grinned.

Frank sighed. “I don’t think I can do that. Why will I marry a lady that has given birth before? It’s impossible!”

Gregory chuckled. “But, is that a true love?”

Frank looked into his eyes. “What’s my business with love when a lady has given birth before? I told you and Charles yesterday that she only followed us here for dinner because she didn’t want to disgrace me. I know her, she’s difficult! By the way, she should pay for her action.”

The bartender served the wine and left. Greg stoked his beard as he stared at Frank. “True love will accept a woman whichever way she is, that’s true love.”

“Firstly, she has an unrequited love for me and besides how would you feel if Sandra told you she had given birth before?” He questioned him.

Greg laughed. Sandra was his fiancee and they’ve been courting for a while. He knew his friend, Frank would always compare and had been expecting such.

“She has never given birth before, in fact, we’ve never laid together because I respect her and you know the kind of girl she is.”

Frank laughed. “Alright. You guys are getting married in some months’ time, for how long will I be a bachelor? I have really fallen for that babe, but if eventually I get to know she has given birth, that’s her end in my company.”

“I thank God you finished bathing early.” Victoria smiled as Vivian stepped into the living room.

Vivian hit her slightly before sitting beside her. “Aren’t they showing that soap opera tonight?”

Vicky hissed. “Is that our business now? Tell me what happened between you and Frank!”

“Yeah, was that where we stopped?”

“Sure.” Victoria grinned.

“I know anything that has to do with Frank or gist will always be your priority. Anyways, I told him I have given birth.” She replied.

“What! You shouldn’t tell a guy that!” She blustered.

Vivian chuckled. “Wait, why should I hide who I am? I am who I am! Besides, will it make sense to be remarrying now? Anthony will clock ten years next month.”

“What are you telling me? A lady who has a child of twenty years of age is still remarrying.”

“That’s not the point. I have told him, that is if he really understood all I told him, though. I also refused the offer for lunch because I had to get my son the guitar.”

“What guitar? You left him because of ordinary guitar? Viv!”

“I have forgotten the kind of being you are, I have forgotten you are part of those who hate the truth.” She hissed as she reached for the remote control. “I can’t wait for the soap opera to start.”

“It’s your life, I am sure Nicholas is somewhere flexing.”

“Thank you, and when will you bring this your lucky man home too, time isn’t your friend.”

“This weekend.” She smiled. “He said he would take me out this weekend.”

“Alright, no problem


Prince Edward jumped on his bed and buried himself under the cover cloth. He had been fretted on why he would always be bothered by Harry. He had his own life to live and likewise Harry, but a day wouldn’t pass by without Harry asking after him. Harry’s behaviour caused quite a kerfuffle to his mind.

He had always wanted to question him but the Queen had been the one mollifying his bones. She always told him to take things easy because Harry was barren.

Why did he not marry a wife? Why on earth is he a burden? Prince hissed as he took off the cover cloth and got out of the bed. He switched on the air conditioner and laid on the bed again.

The King had always told him to prick up his ears to his brother’s calls too, just because he had no child. His calls had started making him look like a complete gadfy before him. Most of his time was always spent with him, in his house or his hotel. Didn’t he have anything better to do?

He had just been trying to keep his difficile attitude to himself, or else he would have spoken out to Harry himself. ‘Just be by my side’ was his usual words, had he nothing great to lay his hands on?

He was brooding, until he slept off.


“You have been complaining of hunger, you can’t loose your appetite just like that.” Stella sat down and served the food.

“Why the change of mood? What’s wrong with Nicholas?” Doris asked.

“He just had a flashback of how he lost contact Vivian.” Stella smiled faintly.

“We should listen to news.” Doris said as she tuned on the TV and walked back to her seat. “The news will start any moment and I have to be current always.” She added as she looked at Nicholas. “Now, what’s up with Vivian again?” She smiled, glimpsing at the TV.

“Nothing, just a sudden change of mood.” He smiled and started eating.

“I said it! Look at this family that has been murdered!” Doris said, with her eyes unblinking from the TV. Nicholas  abandoned his meal and watched the news too.

“This is sad! Who are these people that just kill anyhow?” Stella vociferated.

Nicholas sighed. “Only God knows.”

“Not only God will know, I’ll soon lay my hands on these twats killing people mysteriously, they have no conscience?!” She exclaimed hitting the table out of anger.

“Just see how a whole family was murdered!” Stella hissed.

“It is not a new thing, our parents were murdered too.” He gave a soft chuckle.

“As the kind of person I am, I will make sure I get all these people!” Doris stood angrily and walked inside.

“What’s wrong with her? Why’s her own concern this much?” Nicholas questioned Stella.

“You know the kind of job she does, I am quite sure their station will start investigating on this case anytime soon.”

Nicholas smiled as he took his face away, looking in the direction of the entrance Doris passed inside. “Look at Chief Sam!” Stella beckoned.

The name rang a bell in his ears as she looked at the TV quickly and saw the man smiling as he gave a speech. “His company just won the popular contract.” Stella added, smiling.

Nicholas stood up. He was getting suspicious. A family just got murdered and Chief Sam was giving a speech concerning how the group of his company won the popular contract from the government.

He remembered what happened during his parents time. He was sure Chief Sam was part of those who got rid of his parents because of a contract, could he have done that just to lay his hands on another contract with his board of directors again? “I think I have to go.” He said, showing it that something was bothering his mind.

Stella gazed at him and dimmed her face. It was written all over him that something had gone wrong, within some minutes. What’s wrong with Nick again? She questioned herself as she continued looking at him. “What’s wrong?” She asked.

“Wrong? Nothing.” He raised his eyebrows as he glanced at her with a smile. “I feel I have something I left undone, I’ll see you tomorrow.” He said and rushed out of the house.

Stella knew something was really going on but couldn’t lay her hands on it.

Nicholas slammed the door and rushed home to get his laptop. As he set up the system, he switched on the TV and sat back on the wooden chair.

“There’s more to the issue of this Chief Sam and his board of directors.” He said as he fixed his gaze at the laptop and glimpsed at the TV once in a while.

He searched for the list of the companies that were involved concerning the latest contract. “I need to get a printer and other necessary things.” He muttered as he wrote the names out inside his hardcover book.

“I am pretty sure either the man or lady or even both of them must be the owner of the companies listed.” He said, resting his back and staring at the book.

“I know what to do.” He cleared his throat and typed something in the search engine and walked to the TV to tune the channel.

He returned back to his seat and smiled, perhaps he had gotten what he needed. “The names of the couple that were killed, according to the news, Mandy and Gary Moore.” He swooshed out a long breath and picked up the hardcover book. “Alright.” He said and typed in, to search for the history of the couple.

He waited for few minutes, distracting himself by watching the TV. Soon, he started reading the history and saw that they were the controllers of Golden Ring Companies. “Golden Ring?” He asked himself as he hurtled a gaze at the hardcover book and found the name of the company as part of the listed of companies.


Vivian walked into her room and switched on the light. She yawned as she sat by the edge of her bed and picked up the diary on the small stool. She flipped it open and brought out a necklace from it, then she smiled. “Nicholas… hope you’re fine wherever you are.” She said trying as much as possible to force back her tears.

She laid and was trying to remember past events when she slept off.


“I have said it! This Chief Sam and some men that run that Della Company have something they do underneath! Nicholas clenched his fist as he spoke, still looking at the listed companies.

He continued browsing through until he was becoming more sure of what was happening. Golden Ring Companies have been shortlisted with Della Companies and some other companies that were included.

He could read between the lines because the Companies was also one of the best companies in the Kingdom. “They might have killed them out of fear that they would win.

“I am going to get to the root of this matter, I’ll start working on it seriously.” He yawned as he shut down his laptop and retired to bed.


Vivian walked into the company and gave a long breath. As she had thought before leaving the house, it was either she get sacked or suspended.

She gave smile a try on sighting Moriah, thinking all might not be well. “Hope there’s no trouble in the office?” She asked her, trying to read her facial expression if there was any problem.

“None! But, what did you do to Mr Frank yesterday? He looked somehow frustrated as he left the office yesterday.” She asked, tilting her head.

Vivian smiled again, this time the smile changed into a grin gradually. “I never did anything.” She replied.

“Alright, but it seemed the meeting ended quite earlier than i thought.”

“Maybe that was what got him annoyed. I made it end as soon as I could. Don’t worry, you won’t understand.” She patted her as she took some steps forward.

Moriah just beamed. “Alright, no problem. How’s your son?” She enquired.

Just then, Frank walked into the office. “He’s fine.” She replied and glanced at Frank. “Good morning sir.” She bowed

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