Identical Episode 34


Mi cha (Cold-hearted)
“Mi cha?” I heard Josh call from the room and my heart skipped.

Oh, my God!!


My eyes felt like they wanted to pop out any second as I looked at the phone in my hand

Oh my God!

“Mi cha?” He called again and immediately, I deleted the number from the call record and slipped the phone into my pocket.

“Just a minute” I said with a nervous gulp.

Then, I took in a deep breath and left the toilet, returning to the room.

He was buttoning his shirt when I entered.

“Sorry, I was…making use of the toilet” I told him and he nodded and took the hair brush, going to brush his hair in front of the mirror.

Casually, I sauntered to the table and brought out the phone from my pocket. I glanced at him to be sure he wasn’t looking and carefully, I placed the phone back on the table.

Immediately, he turned to look at me and for a moment, I was scared, thinking he had seen me.

He came to where I was and held my hand.

“Hey” he called tenderly.
“How’re you feeling?”

I was tempted to scoff, but restricted myself.

I just took my gaze to the floor and he touched my lips – the cut on my lips.

“I’m sorry for hurting you. Believe me, Mi cha, I feel terrible each time I lay my hands on you. I hate myself for it. But the problem is, you leave me no choice.

“Please Mi cha, don’t ever try to leave me. I’m your family. You’re safe here with me, right?”

“Safe with a cut on my lips and a burn on my neck, huh?” I was tempted to ask, but again, restricted myself. Then, he let go of my hands and held my cheeks instead.
“Do you forgive me” he asked and I looked up at him.


“Yes” I said perfunctorily and he smiled and planted a kiss on my forehead.

“I love you, okay?” He said and I just forced a smile and nodded.

Thank goodness he didn’t force me to say it back. And taking his phone from the table, he left the room.
Kim nana (Crazy)
“Oh my! What do we do? How do we get to the police? We need to contact them immediately” Kim ji rushed her words while I also thought of what to do

“Come on” I beckoned on her and was about running away when mum and dad entered.

Hah! Thank goodness.

“Nana?” Mum called, probably surprised at how restless I looked.

“Perfect timing, mum. Dad, Mi cha just called. She made use of Josh’s phone and called through her phone here with us. And she’s given us her location. She wants us to alert the police as soon as possible” I said and mum’s eyes beamed.

“What?” Dad exclaimed.
“Wh…What’s the address?”

“She said its on 16 Hallway Express. She said it’s a deserted area and the only building we’ll find around there. Please mum, she wanted us to hurry” I replied quickly.

Dad had already brought out his phone and was typing in the details.

“Oh my God!” Mum gasped and covered her mouth with her palm.

“Okay; this is great, girls. I’ve already texted everything to the deputy and they should probably be on their way already. But I’m still going myself…”

“I’ll come with you” mum chipped in

“Ha-nuel, I don’t think its safe for you to…”

“I’m coming, Gabriel. And that’s final” mom said sternly and dad sighed.

“Okay; fine. We don’t have much time to argue. Girls, make sure you stay here till we get back, okay?”

“Okay, dad” Kim ji was the one who replied and he scurried off with mum.

“Oh! Nana, I’m so scared” Kim ji shuddered with fear.

Well, I was as scared as hell, but just trying not to show it.

I ran my fingers into my hair and grunted. I really hope Mi cha’s safe.

Just then, Nari came running to me.

“Nana! Nana!” She called, overjoyed.

“Jeremy – he’s awake” she said and my eyes beamed.


I gasped in shock and ran with her to the room and there I found him awake on the bed.

Oh my! He’s really awake!!

“Jeremy!” I called in a doubtful tune and all he did was stare. He seemed weak.

“Oh my God! You’re awake!” I laughed and ran to hug him.

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Mi cha (Cold-hearted)
I laid anxiously on the bed, trying to fake a sleep.

I was so nervous as my heart raced pretty fast. I felt scared.

Was nana able to get the information to the police? And could they be on their way here already? What if something goes wrong?

And if the police succeeds and takes down this institute, they’re definitely going to know I was one of them. I’ve done terrible things already. And now I’m scared I might have to pay for them.

In less than 5 minutes, it started. The gunshots – I started hearing them.

I sprang out of bed and ran to the window to have a look and my eyes beamed. Oh my God!!

They did it! The police were here! And they were having a gunfight with the boys.

I held onto the window glasses and watched curiously. What do I do now? I know the door must be locked.

Just when I was about leaving the window, the door opened wildly and Josh ran in. His eyes were fierce and he stopped and looked at me.

“It was you” he muttered
“You brought them here. It was you”.

I flinched as he came to me and gave me a hard slap.

Oh; damn it!

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” I tried to defend myself but he slapped me hard again, making me fall on the bed.

“You b***h!” He snarled.

“I didn’t do it!!”

Immediately, he brought out a pocket knife and stabbed me in the leg with it.

Oh my God!!

“Arghhhhh” I screamed as he drilled the knife into my leg, making blood ooze out.

“Josh! No!!” I yelped and he brought out the knife and threw it away.

I whimpered in excruciating pains.

He took hold of his gun and dragged me up by the hair.

“You really think you can run from me, right?” He growled as he held me roughly by the hair.
My leg was hurting and bleeding like hell.

“No, please. I’m sorry” I winced and he made me to back him, then placed the gun on my head.

“Move” he snarled into my ear and started pushing me forward, still holding my hair and pointing the gun at me.

I kept crying cause of the pains on my legs and found it difficult walking, but he kept pushing me and I had no choice.

We got out of the room and the whole place was a mess – all the agents running around with guns and weapons.

“They’re taking over the building!!” some of them screamed.

Josh kept moving with me and took me down the stairs. What does he want to do? Does he really want to use me as a bait?

I kept whimpering as he took me down to the sitting room and headed for the exit.

“Josh please; you can stop this” I tried convincing him.

“Shut the f**k up, Mi cha” he said angrily and continued moving with me.

We finally passed the exit and got out to the open space and I flinched at the sight of the gun fight going on. Bullets were flying all over.

But the police seized fire as soon they saw me.

“If anyone releases fire, I’ll blow off her brain” Josh said at the top of his voice, loud enough for them to hear him.

He was still holding me and pointing the gun to my head.

“Josh…” I called with a quiver as he started moving with me towards a car.

The police and the agents stopped shooting.

Oh God! He’s going to get away with me.

He kept moving with me until we got to the car and he opened the front door and pushed me in, making my leg hurt the more.

Then, he went in through the same door so we wouldn’t be apart and he took the driver’s seat while I sat beside him.

He kept the gun in front of him and started the car, taking off immediately.

My heart beat even faster as the thought dawned on me. He was going to escape!!

He drove out through the gate and the police couldn’t do anything about it. And we set out on the road.

My leg was hurting so terribly and driving me crazy. I was losing a lot of blood. I know he stabbed me so I’ll be weak I won’t be able to fight back.

He continued driving on a high speed and I looked behind and noticed some police cars following us.

Oh ! Thank goodness

But they won’t be able to meet up with him. And even if they do, he’s just going to use me as a bait again

I looked at him and he seemed so angry. I couldn’t afford living with someone like him again.

If he succeeds in getting away with me, I’ll be doomed. What’s going to happen?

He’s made me pass through enough pains already and I can’t afford to pass through anymore.

I sniffed and looked at the gun in front of him. For the first time in my life, I was going to do something this crazy. For the first time, I was going to fight against Josh.

Immediately, I nabbed the gun and cocked it.

His eyes widened in shock.

“Mi cha; what’re you…”

“Before he could finish up his statement, I pointed the gun at his leg and shot him twice.

“Argh!” He grunted in pains and lost focus on the road.

Then, I took hold of the sterling and started dragging it with him and we ended up crashing.

Oh my God!!

It wasn’t terrible. We had ran into a tree but I sustained a cut on my head.

Josh also injured his head as a result of hitting it and immediately, I shot him again on the arm.

“Mi cha!!” He yelled my name in pains and without hesitation, I opened the door and stepped out of the car.

I couldn’t walk properly and I ended up falling on the floor. Thank goodness the police arrived just in time and I started crawling towards them before Josh would leave the car – which I doubt because he was badly injured.

I kept crawling painfully and all the armed policemen rushed out of their cars and came to me.

☎Help her up!

☎Help her up!

☎Check the car!!

I heard them say all over.

Few of them that came to me helped me up and when I looked, I saw my mom and dad running towards me.

“Oh my God!! Kim jin!!” Mum called agaped and I fell into her hands.

“Mum…” I wept on her chest. I felt so scared

“Oh, my baby!! Come here. You’re safe now” she also said with tears dripping down her cheeks.

I didn’t even want to turn to look at Josh and the police.

“Mum…” I whimpered again. Please, tell me all this is over.