Identical Episode 33


Kim nana (Crazy)
“Please doctor; how’s my brother?” Nari asked as we both stood with the doctor in the room where Jeremy was sleeping

“He’s fine, Miss. You don’t need to panic. The bullet was taken out successfully and in a few hours, he should be awake” the doctor replied, making me feel a little relieved.

Gosh! I swear I’m going to kill that Josh of a guy. I’ll kill him.

“I’ll be in my office in case you need anything” he further said.

“Thank you so much, doctor” Nari squealed and he nodded and left.

“Oh my God!” Nari sighed and went to sit in front of the bed.

“I can’t believe this happened to Jeremy. What did he do to deserve this? I just hope he comes out of this, Kim.

“His parents took an early flight to Europe for a wedding party. But I just told them about it and his mom is already looking for the fastest way to come back here” she rushed her words, but I didn’t say anything.

Shortly, someone rushed in and it was Nathalie.

Huh? So, someone like her is still alive? And what’s she doing here?

“Jeremy!” She called the moment she stepped in and saw him on the bed.

“Oh my God! Nari, what happened to him?”

“What’re you doing here?”. I cut her off and she glared at me.

“Please, I didn’t come here for you. So, I’d suggest you move out of my way” she said and tried walking pass me, but I held her back by the hair.

“Ouch! Let me go” she yelped.

“The last time I checked, Jeremy wanted you to stay away from him. So, I’d suggest you do same right now” I growled into her face and pushed her to the door.

“Nari” she panted.
“Are you really going to sit there and watch her do this to me?”

Nari just sat and watched helplessly.

“Well, what do you want her to do?” I asked.
“You should be ashamed of yourself – running after a guy who’s ready to spit in your face”.

“I hate you, b***h. You’ll pay for this” she cried and ran away.

Ha-nuel’s Pov:
“Okay ma’am. We promise to carry out a proper investigation and get back to you” the police officer said hopefully as I rounded up my statement

“Please sir, do everything you can to find my daughter. I can’t lose her” Gabriel enthused.

“You don’t have to worry, sir. We’ll be sure to bring goodnews to you and your wife” the officer said and my eyes beamed


“I’m not his wife” I replied sharply.

“Huh? But I thought your daughter was the one missing?”

“Yes, but that doesn’t make me his wife” I glared at Gabriel and the officer shrugged after giving us a cranky look.

“Anyway, like I said, we’ll start our investigations immediately and get back to you”. He said.

“Thank you, officer” Gabriel said and afterwards, I started walking out of the station, leaving Gabriel behind.

I got out to the roadside and waited for a cab. I needed to meet nana at the hospital. I just hope the Jeremy guy Is okay.

The road was kind of deserted and getting a cab seemed really difficult. Oh God! The sun was burning.

Shortly, a car pulled over.

Gosh! Gabriel!

What the hell does he want?

I rolled my eyes and placed my hand on my waist as he lowered his glasses.

“Ha-nuel. Come on; I’ll give you a ride to the hospital” he said from the car.

“I don’t need your ride, Gabriel. You can go ahead” I said brusquely and walked a few steps away, but he followed me.

“Ha-nuel, please. This isn’t about our dispute. We need to be fast in getting to the hospital just in case there’s any news. Think about the kids” .

“Don’t you dare talk about my kids, Gabriel. They’re mine,okay?” I snapped at him.

“Fine; I’m not dragging that with you. But just get into the car ,at least. It’s dangerous alone out here’ he said and I huffed and looked around.

He was right. The road was really deserted. And considering the sun and time…

I exhaled deeply and opened the door, going into the car.

“Thank you..”, he said but I maintained a straight face and looked through the window.

Then, he continued driving.

“Don’t worry, Mi cha will be fine” he said along the way, but I still maintained a straight face.

And for a while, the drive was silent

“Ha-nuel” he finally broke the silence.
As usual, I still didn’t turn to look at him.

“Ha-nuel, I…I want you to know I’m deeply sorry for hurting your feelings in the past. I’m sorry for breaking our family apart. The truth is, I was only being deceived by Rebecca. She tore me apart and made me act silly.

“Please Ha-nuel. Now, ive gotten to realize I was the biggest fool for ever letting you go. Think about our children – think about the joy they’d derive in having a complete family. Please Ha-nuel, just find a place in your heart to forgive me”.

I scoffed and bit my lip as he rounded up his sermon.

It sounded funny.

“Are you for real?” I looked at him and asked.

“Like…are you joking or you’re really being serious? Hold on; what exactly are you expecting? Are you expecting me to jump into your arms and say yes! I forgive you. Is that really what you’re expecting, Gabriel? You left me for nineteen years! Nineteen years, Gabriel – we’ve been apart. You didn’t care about me; you never asked after me.

” And now, when you suddenly discover your beloved wife is a liar and a murderer, you come back to me and say some trash about forgiveness and reconciliation. Really, Gabriel? Do you take me for a fool?”

His eyes drooped and I noticed his hands shook on the sterling.

I sniffed and itched my head.

“Please, I’d really appreciate it if you don’t say any other word till we get to the hospital” I told him and throughout the rest of the drive, he never made a single comment.

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Kim nana (Crazy)
Aigo! I really need some fresh air. Cause I’m scared I might run mad.

I left the room and went out to the passage to get some air and just then, as if she’s been waiting for me to show up, Kim ji came running to me.

“Nana! Nana!” She called hastily, panting heavily.

She had Mi-cha’s phone with her.

“Hey; what is it?” I asked, startled.
She looked like someone being chased.

“Mi cha…Mi cha’s phone is ringing. And…the caller’s Josh” she said in deep breaths as she showed the ringing phone to me

My eyes widened in shock

What? Josh was calling?
The bas***d?

Without hesitation, I picked it up.

Mi cha (Cold-hearted)
I woke up next to Josh on the bed, feeling so much pains between my legs.

I sat up and took my clothes from the floor, putting them on. Josh was still fast asleep.

I buried my face in my palm and plainted.

I felt ruined; damned.

How do I get out of this? Will I really be stuck with Josh for the rest of my life? How do I get rid of him?

I sighed and looked around pathetically.

Suddenly, my eyes ran into his phone on the table.

Oh, my! An idea niggled at me instantly.

Oh God!

I looked at him on the bed and confirmed he was still fast asleep. Then, I stood up and rushed to the table, taking the phone and going to the toilet afterwards.

I closed the door and dialed my line with the phone.

Please, please, please. Pick up – anyone.

I panicked as it was about ringing to an end and just at the last beep, someone picked up


☎Hello?” I called anxiously, trying to control the sound of my voice.

☎H-hello?” The receiver also called.
It sounded like nana.

☎Nana; is that you?” I asked hopefully.

☎Mi cha?” She called, sounding shocked.
“Is that you?”

“Yes. It’s me, nana. Please, listen carefully. I don’t have much time. This is my location – 16 Hallway express. Its a deserted area and the only building you’ll find around here. Please, tell the police about this immediately. And don’t try calling back with this line.” I rushed my words, my heart racing so fast.

“O…Okay; But…Okay, Don’t worry. I’ll alert the police right away”. She floundered.

“Nana” I called.
“Please, hurry up” I added and dropped the call.

Oh God! Please, let this work out.

“Mi cha?” I heard Josh call from the room and my heart skipped.

Oh my God!!