Identical Episode 23


Kim nana (Crazy)
Okay; what’s going on?

I looked at the ugly weirdos in front of me and figured they were probably here for trouble.

But I don’t know them. So…whatever.

I tried walking away but one of them held me back by the wrist.

“And where do you think you’re going?” He asked and I flinched.

“What’s wrong with you? The f**k will you let me go?” I snapped and tried wriggling my hand from his but he wouldn’t let me.

Then, I punched him.

“Ugh!” He groaned and staggered.

“If any of you touches me again, I promise you’ll regret it” I warned and immediately, one of them gave me a hard slap with the back of his palm.


I shrieked and fell on the floor. My eyes dilated.

“You’ve had your fun, Mi cha” the one who slapped me said.
“Now, it’s time for ours”.

Who’s Mi cha?

Immediately, the other pulled out something like a spray bottle and sprinkled it on me and I sneezed.

“What’re you…” I tried speaking, but the sensation crowded me and I found myself dozing off.


Mi cha (Cold-hearted)
I stopped the car by the roadside and took off the veil. My heart was beating so fast and I lifted my eyes to look into the mirror.

The difference was more than clear – that lady was me.

We had the same face.

But how? Why? Who’s she? Could it be possible…

I shook my head and thought for a while.

I needed to do something; speak with her and know who she really is.

I couldn’t just run away..

What if…we had a connection?

What if…

I closed my eyes and exhaled. I wouldn’t be at peace knowing someone that looked like me that much was out there. I just needed to speak with her.

Without further hesitation, I turned on the ignition and reversed the car, headed back to the party.

Jeremy’s Pov:
I was so restless and couldn’t even think straight.

I kissed Kim!

Oh God! I just hope she believed my explanation and doesn’t take it to heart. But where’s she? I needed to speak with her. Don’t tell me she’s ran away.

I turned and scoured my eyes around for her but unfortunately met with Natalie instead.


Her face looked pale and swollen as she came towards me and slapped and lifted her hand like she wanted to slap me.


“How dare you, Jeremy?” She asked tearfully, bringing down her hand. Luckily for her.

“How could you think of doing such a thing to me? After all I’ve done for you??”

“Have you gone crazy, Natalie?” I scoffed.
“What exactly have you done for me aside breaking my heart and using me like a fool?”

“That was a mistake! Just one mistake! How could you be so cruel? You really think you can push me away by getting me jealous?”

I looked around and discovered few eyes were already dancing around us.

“You’re already a loser, Natalie and no matter what you do, I’m never coming back to you. So, just get lost” I whispered to her and left, going out of the party.

I walked out of the entrance and looked left and right for her.

“Kim!” I called, wondering where she might be.

Oh, God! Don’t tell me she left already.

She wouldn’t leave without telling me, right?
Or…was she that angry?

“Kim!!” I kept calling and running around.

Mi cha (Cold-hearted):
I drove back to the party and parked my car alongside with others

I tried reaching for my veil but restricted myself. Was there any need for it?

And slowly, I opened the door and came out of the car. I took in a deep breath and looked around. Where would I find her?

Just then, I saw a guy coming towards my direction, his eyes roaming about like he was looking for someone.

“Kim!!” He called and kept turning around until he finally got to where I was and his eyes dropped the moment he saw me.

“Kim!” He called with relief at first, but the next moment, confusion filled his face.

“K…Kim?” He stuttered, more like in a question.
I was a bit stunned. Could the lady’s name be Kim?

“Why…do you look…different?” He asked.

Kim nana (Crazy)
I grunted out of my deep sleep and found myself lying on a cold floor.

I stared at the unfamiliar ceiling and wondered if I were home. But…the ceiling looked strange to me.


I quickly sat up when I recalled what had happened – the strange boys and how I passed out.

I looked around and discovered I was in a strange room and funny enough, my hands and legs were tied.

“Hey!!” I yelled.

“Who’s there??

“Come in here and get these ropes off me!”

The room was quiet and the only thing that answered me were my echoes.

Gosh! What the hell have I gotten Into?

I tried standing on my feet but the ropes wouldn’t let me and it wasn’t something I could lose.

Suddenly, the door opened and three guys walked in, one of them looking older.

I could recognize one of them – he was among the boys that made me pass out.

“Hello Mi cha” the older man said with a grin.

That name…why do they keep addressing me with that name? Why do they keep calling me Mi cha?

“Finally, its a pleasure to have you here with us”. He said and squatted in front of me.

“I’m…I’m not Mi cha. Who’re you? Let me go!” I demanded, trying to cloak my anxiety

Surprisingly, he laughed.

“Really? You’re not Mi cha? Maybe you’re my grandmother, then. I wonder why you had your hair cut and dyed. The red did look good on you” he said with a shrug, making me more confused.

What’s going on? What’re they talking about?

“If you don’t let me go, I’ll make sure I pluck out your eyes and feed them to your dogs” I blurted and the rest of the boys laughed.

“You’re in my territory, Mi cha. And you’re completely under my mercy for now.

“Anyway, I wonder what Josh will do when I tell him his beloved princess is with me” he said with an ugly smile.