Identical Episode 24


Mi cha’s Pov:
“Why…do you look…different?” He asked and my heart skipped.

Oh, she*t! Now, I get! He’s my target – the same guy I’d come to kill but caught him kissing my look-alike.

Obviously, he’s referring to my look -alike.

“Kim?” He called again, already looking perplexed.

“Wh…What’s wrong? What happened to your hair? Your….Clothes. What’s going on?”

“I’m…I’m not Kim” I shook my head in bewilderment.

“I’m not who you’re referring to”.

He looked at me for a while then, suddenly scoffed.

“What’re you talking about? What do you mean you’re…not Kim?” He asked perplexed.
How do I prove it to him?

“I’m looking for her as well. I…came to the party for someone but coincidentally, I bumped into her. She looks exactly like me.

“I ran away at first, but decided to come back and find out who she was. Then, I met you”.I enthused and his eyes widened in shock.

“You…you’re an Imposter” he staggered backwards.

“What have you done with my friend?”

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Rebecca’s Pov:(Step-mom)
“What’re you talking about, Mal-chin?” I grouse on the phone as I stood in the reception, trying to pay my bills.

“What do you mean she almost fought with you?”

“I’m telling you, mum. She punched me today – You wouldn’t believe it. If not for the presence of my friends, we’d have gotten involved in a serious fight.” He said hastily and I scoffed.

“But how’s that possible? That lady’s completely changed. The Kim I know couldn’t even look at me in the face. But now, she’s ready to fight me.”

“Exactly my point, mum! She’s changed; she’s different! She isn’t the Kim we know. Something’s different about her”.

I kept quiet for a while, thinking about it. Indeed, there was something strange about that lady now.

“Here’s your receipt, ma’am” the receptionist said as she stretched out the piece paper to me.

I collected it from her and got hold of the grocery bags.

“So, what are you suggesting?” I asked over the phone as I started walking out of the grocery store.

‘I seriously don’t know, mum. But I’m determined to know what happened to Kim. How she suddenly became strong and fearless within the twinkle of an eye. I really want to know…”

I was so engrossed in the call that I didn’t notice a lady coming in front of me.

I bumped into her.

Oh, damn!

“I’m sorry” she quickly apologized and tried helping me with my bags which had fallen on the floor.

“Its nothing” I said with a sigh and awaited her to pick up the bags.

She did and handed them to me.

“Thank you” I mumbled and looked into her face and her eyes were dilated.

Oh my God!!


“Rebecca?” She called in a shocked tone and I felt my head spinning.

This is not possible!

Jeremy’s Pov:
I leaned on the car with my hands crossed
, finding it so hard to believe everything.

The lady who claimed her name was Mi-cha – had explained a few things to me, trying to convince me that she was different from Kim.

Although, it was crazy, but seemed true. I mean, this lady in front of me was having a different hair, different dress and style.

So, how the hell is that possible?? Are they really twins or it’s just a coincidence?

“Where’s she? I need to speak with her” she demanded again and that was when my mind flashed back to the fact that I had no idea where Kim was.

“I…I don’t know. She just left the party and I’m yet to find her.” I replied, worried. I didn’t even have her contact


“She was here with me” the lady said and started walking slowly, her eyes fixed on the floor.

“This was where I last saw her before I left”.

She walked quietly and stopped at a particular spot, picking up something from the floor.

It was a wrist band.

“What is it?” I asked, curious at the way she stared at it.

“They were here” she muttered.
“I know who this belongs to”.