How Princess Ada Planned Her Own Kidnapping


Since the news broke up that Princess Ada have been kidnapped and rape,everybody was seeking to  justice for whoever was involved in this, but according to an insider investigation made, this is how Ada planned and executed her own abduction.

An informant led investigations show that Ada is frequently seen in Accra in the company of some male friends. In the latest sighting, she along with five men patronized an unnamed hotel in Abossey Okai, a suburb of Accra

According to the hotel manager who has submitted a written statement to the police, Ada took a room in the hotel under the guise of shooting a movie. She paid to use the facility for an unspecified number of days.

Ada and her friends also used an internet cafe in Kaneshie to post the nude pictures of her supposed ordeal on Facebook.
According to a western regional correspondent Emmanuel Ohene Gyan, Ms. Ada hired the kidnapers to stage the act for publicity.

Princess Ada whose real name is Naana Apea Antwi and was born on October 2, 1989

About eight to nine years ago, whilst a teenager, she worked with a Nigerian man who was called Ayoka in his communication centre.
Ayoka treated Naana as his own daughter and that explained why she decided to use the Nigerian name.
said the father Mr Samuel Oduro Antwi, a native of Oda in the Eastern region

Since the revelation, the big question on everybody’s mouth is, why would she stage her own rape/abduction? What would she gain?