Hi Maame



I hope you’re doing well up there. Every time I look up, I picture you sitting down on a fluffy cloud, just talking to God. You know, shootin’ the breeze, as they call it. I like to think you talk about all of us down here. I mean, if it’s anything like you were when you were still here

I’m sure God now knows about every single moment you had with us, and I’m sure you’ve told every funny story.

I’m going to visit your stone today after work. I hear you got a new one and it’s quite beautiful. I’ll leave you some flowers. Roses are too formal for me, so what about a sunflower? Some sunshine would be lovely, right?

Anyway, I think I’m going to wrap this up. I love you very much. And I’m thinking about you every single day. I keep a piece of the Kiwi shirt & your picture in my wallet. Your prayer card stays in my planner. I see both everyday. I really miss you ♥ be safe

Your Grandson Nana Kwame