Evening With Eva Season 1 Episode 11



Previously On Evening With Eva.

“Did you bring your passport photograph as I texted you to?” The Colonel asked.

“Yes Oga.” The mechanic replied.

“Good. This is what you will do. You will drive this car like a normal human being from here to Oduom. Don’t drive the car like it’s yours. Do not over speed. The envelope in your hand contains the particulars of this car. Everything is in your name. If any policeman harasses you, give them my number. Do you understand?” The Colonel asked.

“I dey feel you baba.” The mechanic said nodding his head. The car was moving slowly at snail pace.

“Good. When you get to Kumasi, go to that Total filling station at asokwa and act like you want to buy fuel. Stay in the car. When the attendant is done fuelling the car, come out and create a scene.

After serious thought he approached the gate, all his senses alert.

He was at the gate and looked at the man. He did not recognize him.

“How can I help you?” Ahmed asked the man.

The man pulled his dark shades a little low just above his nose and said,

“Don’t you recognize me son?”

Ahmed opened his mouth, surprised.

” Colonel” he said smiling”



Ahmed was happy to see his Uncle after quite a while even though he was hoping it were under ‘prettier’ circumstances. He opened the gate and tried to hug him. The Colonel backed away, shaking his head slowly. Ahmed understood and stepped aside for his Uncle to come in.

They walked into his house making sure that there was a wide gap between them. He opened the door allowing his Uncle to enter the house first. He followed soon after.

As soon as The Colonel was in the house, he saw the white paper with the inscriptions in blood on the two opposite walls of the sitting room. He walked up to one of them and smelled the ink.

“Blood. Probably from a cow or a goat” he thought to himself.

He motioned Ahmed to come close to him. He hugged him tightly and whispered into his ears,

“Is there a room you hardly ever use?”

Ahmed nodded and led the way into a small corridor. There were two rooms at the end of the small corridor. He opened the one to his left and flashed a torch. A rat ran across the floor. There were a few cobwebs on the ceiling and the room was dusty and dirty. It didn’t look like anyone had been here in months.

The Colonel took off his disguise clothes to reveal the sparkling white linen he had earlier worn from home. He spread the large t-shirt he just removed on one of the stools he found and sat on it.

“This room is perfect.” The colonel said.

“It is so good to see you Uncle.” Ahmed said rushing to his uncle and hugging him.

“Sometimes, I wish I lived a normal life Uncle. Being a cop is a difficult life. I keep looking over my shoulder. I wake up every day not knowing which of my enemies is close to taking me out. It freaks me out sometimes and there is always no one to talk to.” Ahmed said looking at his Uncle.

“Son, our profession is a dangerous one. Till we die, we are always going to be wanted by the bad guys. You know that. And if you say you are scared, what should spies, double agents and people like me say?

Each day you wake up is another opportunity you have. Look at the bright side. You are better than the average man on the street. Your senses are sharper, you have strong instincts, you are trained in hand to hand combat, martial arts, and you have excellent skills in weaponry.

You cannot be taken down by just anybody. So son, use this amazing skill set you have to make a difference in the lives of the people you have sworn to protect.” The Colonel finished.

“Always Uncle, always.” Ahmed said.

Typical Colonel. He never misses an opportunity to give his ‘son’ a lecture. Ahmed was used to it now. They caught up on old times, telling each other about what has been happening in the past few years.

The Colonel loved to play video games just like Ahmed. They talked about what games they were currently playing and the stages. The Colonel said he just stumbled on HITMAN SUICIDE MISSIONS. Ahmed was going to try it out. Recently a lot had been happening around him. He had not had time for himself let alone video games.

“So what brings me here son? Let’s hear it.” The colonel said.

Ahmed cleared his throat and began to narrate the story. He started with waking up in a hospital, and losing his memory of the past few weeks. Doctors said he had slight amnesia and may recall the things he could not remember over time.

He also talked about how he found out about the death of Mercy, how his office was burgled and the guards were killed. The Colonel raised up a hand to stop Ahmed.

“Your office was burgled? What was stolen? What really happened? Describe every detail.” He questioned Ahmed.

“I had just left the office and was about to drive into the Estate when I got a call from Sheila that I should come back immediately…” Ahmed said.

“Sheila still heads the Combat Department?” The Colonel asked, interrupting him.

“No Uncle. She is now the Head of the GHANA Intelligence Operations department.” Ahmed said

“Hmmm. Go on son.” The Colonel said.

“So I got to the office and found an ambulance, a few coroners and Sheila. Sheila said that there were two guards dead, a corrupt file system on our database and a missing hard drive. Mine.

The alarm from the disrupted servers sent a signal to the local police and they were here in 6 minutes. They did not see anyone as they came in. The guards’ necks were twisted from behind. There was no trace. There were no clues”

“Any fingerprints, hair strands, blood, bullet casings?” The Colonel asked.

“None. The only bullet casing was from the gun of one of the dead guards. His finger prints are the only ones all over it.” Ahmed finished.

The Colonel sighed. He was rubbing his temples. Ahmed had seen this a lot of times. Whenever he did this he was getting some ideas and thinking seriously.

“These guys must be professionals. And they must have been watching you. What have you been doing on your computer during the days before the hard drive was stolen?” The Colonel asked

“Just monitoring Agent Mercy. Following up on her leads, and matching finger prints. When I got a message on my phone that she was just buried, I rushed to the office to confirm. It was true as her file had been deactivated. I could not continue with it so I left the office. Barely an hour later was the theft discovered.” Ahmed finished.

“What agency was she infiltrating?” The Colonel asked.

“Something about a ghost organization. She was still a rookie in their ranks so she was not really privy to any confidential stuff.” Ahmed finished.

The Colonel bowed his head. He should not have resigned. He closed his eyes. Everything began to make sense. The stealth, the perfection, the absence of clues. No mistakes. That was their style. Now he understood why Ahmed had called him.

The Colonel had been doing preliminary tracking of the Ghosts after his time with The Marine Cartel but dropped it after the General’s warning. He could sense Ahmed watching him. This was too much for Ahmed to handle.

Sheila was a fool. She should not have sent Agent Mercy in. What was she thinking? Just because Mercy was an excellent spy did not automatically translate to invincibility. She still had a lot to learn physically and psychologically.

Mercy did not have the slightest idea about the Ghosts. The name alone said it all. They were invisible. And only someone who could be invisible could undertake such an infiltration. Ahmed was a fantastic detective. The perfect cop. But he was a terrible spy.

He always allowed his emotions get in the way. He did not know how to mask feelings. That was the number one criteria for a double agent.

“Are you okay Uncle?” Ahmed asked.

“I am fine son. Tell me what happened in this house. I saw the banners.” The Colonel replied.

Ahmed narrated how he wasn’t comfortable that night. His instincts told him to get up but he felt reluctant to. He was tired from a busy day. A loud gunshot woke him and he got up to see one of the banners on his bedroom door.

He got to the sitting room and saw another two banners. He opened the door to the house to find his two dogs dead. His instincts told him he was being watched. His doors were not tampered with. They were opened from outside, which meant that the criminal had access to his home.

He immediately cut the electricity to the house and has been in darkness since. He did not know what else to do so he called.

“I think I have an idea what is going on. But first we need to do some work. You will get out of the house now. Go to any mobile phone store. Get a new phone and a new sim card, preferably a very low tech phone. The cheapest Nokia phone or China phone would be perfect.

Do not register the sim card. If the attendant gives you trouble, get it somewhere else. You would be followed right from the time you step out of this house. I think you are being watched. Do not take your car. Enter a commercial bus. Do not head straight to your destination.

The nearest shop is 15 minutes from here. Get there in one hour. Zig zag your way across town. Come down at any random bus stop then start walking. Turn back after 2 minutes of walking and start jogging. Look for shops with mirrors and stand in front of them abruptly while walking.

Look behind you through the mirror. You should see the agents tailing you trying to catch up. Since they are following you, it’s going to take a while to shake them off. It is not going to be easy but try and enjoy yourself while at it.

Be sure to have them lost before you get the items. Repeat the same thing on your way back to the house. The whole journey should normally take you about 30 minutes. Make sure you use over two hours. When you come back to the estate there will be agents already around the gate watching you enter.

You won’t see them but believe me they are there. Not to worry. They don’t know where you were and what you got. You will have them guessing at where you have been. These guys hate guessing. So they would be tighter next time. But that’s not a problem, son. I know what to do.” The Colonel said.

“Damn it. Uncle, this is what I have to do every day?” Ahmed asked.

“Yes Ahmed. This is just the beginning. If these people are who I think they are then we still have a lot to do.” The Colonel said getting up.

“Who are these people Uncle?” Ahmed asked.

“Son,” The Colonel said, putting a hand on Ahmed’s shoulder

“Just do as I say for now. You would know in due time.” He finished.

They walked towards the door of the dirty room. As Ahmed stepped out into the corridor, the Colonel held him by the collar and drew him back inside. He shut the door.

“What the hell is wrong with you son!!??” The Colonel barked through clenched teeth.

“This is no longer your house. I am sure this place is bugged! Until we get out all the devices that have been planted here, you behave as if there are land mines at every step! You have to calculate every step, be very alert and always be patient!!!” The Colonel finished.

“Noted sir.” Ahmed replied. He was scared.

“Let’s go to your bedroom.” The Colonel said.

They moved to his bedroom very quickly without saying a word. The Colonel pulled Ahmed close and asked him for a DVD disc. Ahmed rummaged through a drawer and found one. He handed it to the Colonel.

The Colonel took a chair from the sitting room and stood on it. Carefully, he placed the disk on the top left edge of the bedroom wall and began to scrape. He was scraping gently and moving slowly sideways. He was almost half way when a small cork sized object fell to the ground. Ahmed bent to pick it.

“Don’t!” The Colonel stopped him.

The Colonel got down from the chair and bent to examine the object. He took a pencil and flicked the object over a few times.

“This is a very high tech digital surveillance camera for enclosed spaced usually installed in pairs, called ‘screw and knot’. You can install one called the ‘bolt’ which works well, but is not as efficient as the pair. After installation and boot up, these devices must never be handled with bare hands.

They have been designed to be sensitive to the touch of the skin and would immediately inject the skin surface with a deadly toxin that would paralyze the handler if handled for more than two seconds. If you had touched it, you would have become a ‘vegetable’.” The colonel said, turning the device around with the pencil.

“Oh my God! Who the hell are these people?” Ahmed said putting both hands on his head.

The Colonel looked up at Ahmed from his crouching position. He pitied the poor boy. He had not even seen anything yet.

“Get a plier, a small plastic bag and another DVD disc. This is a ‘screw’. The ‘knot’ should be opposite this wall, beside your bed. The Colonel climbed the bed and began scraping the wall gently with the disc in his hand. He was scraping gently and moving slowly.

He was almost at the center of the wall when another object fell to the ground beside the bed, similar to the one before. Ahmed picked it up with the plier in his hand and added it to the one that fell initially.

“Now, your bedroom is clear. I have to do the other rooms. Go and get the items I told you to. I expect you in not less than two hours. Let’s synchronize our watches. Stop watch timer should be set to 2hrs and 5minutes. One. Two. Now!” The Colonel said.

They synchronized their watches as Ahmed got out of the house and the Colonel moved to the sitting room with a chair in one hand and a disc in the other.

It was home cleaning time.

After breakfast, Sophia asked Eva to wait behind. She beckoned her to the huge 4- seater leather sofa in the sitting area of the big parlor. After getting drinks from the bar, she came to Eva sitting opposite her in a small reclining chair. Eva took the offered glass of red wine.

“I know you must be wondering why you are here Eva. You really want to be with your loved ones. Your mum and your fiancé. That has been arranged. We have huge, huge plans for you sweetheart. Believe me, with time you would be glad with what we want to do with you.

Meanwhile, you are seeing your mother tonight. I am giving you an extra day to be with her. We have made plans for Kusi to spend three days in the country. He is coming in tomorrow. In your own interests, utilize the time well and do not raise suspicion.

Out of the goodness of my heart, I am going to let you be with Kusi till he travels back. I am usually not this nice. You will see him off to the airport. When he has boarded, someone will pick you from the airport. If I smell any foul play I will kill every single person that matters to you. Every single person.”

Sophia was talking and smiling so pleasantly at the same time. Eva used to have a Boss like that who was so deadly, so she knew Sophia was not bluffing. Eva simply nodded and gulped her drink. The threats suddenly made her throat dry. She swallowed.

“Oh, silly me. I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Sophia. Just call me S. Few people do.” Sophia finished.

“When can I leave for my mum’s please?” Eva asked meekly.

“Your escort would be ready for you at 3pm. Be ready then.” Sophia finished

Although she did not feel comfortable around Sophia, Eva was in love with her finesse. She had class, and looked like a runway model. She loved Sophia’s light use of make-up, her beautiful way of combining colors and the way she carried herself. She was lost in admiration of the physical qualities of this powerful stranger.

Sophia’s laugh brought her back to the present.

“Do you do girls?” Sophia asked. Sophia already knew the answer to this question.

“I used to. But I stopped since I started working. I haven’t felt the touch of a woman in a long time now.” Eva replied.

“Would you like to have a taste of me, Eva?” Sophia asked batting her eyelids and giving a sexy smile.

Her dimples went even deeper and she bit her lower lip. Eva blushed. She did not know if it was the alcohol or her secret admiration of the woman before her but she felt herself tingle down below.

“Ermm…Ermm… I really don’t know.” Eva said looking down at her glass. She was holding the glass with two hands now, her heart beating fast.

Sophia dropped her glass on the table beside her and walked to where Eva sat, taking calculated, sensual steps. She sat beside Eva, took the glass from her hands and dropped it on the floor.

Sophia stroked Eva’s fine natural hair with her hands, slowly and passionately. Eva’s legs shook. Sophia bent to kiss her ear, flicking her tongue in Eva’s ear in quick fast succession. Eva closed her eyes and her body shook with lust. Eva licked her lips.

Sophia held Eva’s hand in hers. Eva opened her eyes.

“Let’s go inside. Follow me.” Sophia said

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