Heart Of A Woman Season 1 Episode 2


It was In march 2009, can’t really remember the exact date, but it was precisely two months and some days after I returned to Nigeria. I was in Nwangele {a small town in Imo state} attending a cousin’s traditional wedding with my best friend Amara {A staff of First bank Plc} As the event was about ending, we got ready to leave and stood up. But my companion suddenly begged for some minutes. She needed to greet a couple who were some distance away. I obliged and settled back on my chair, suddenly from nowhere a young man came over to me and began taking my pictures without asking for permission.
“aw you look so cute, mmmm” he tuned me as he took more pictures. I simply smiled, saying nothing. “wow they are so lovely. I have to go print them out. Should I print all?” he asked curiously after taking quite a lot of my pictures. His eyes searched me as if he wasn’t sure of my stand {in terms of payment} I looked into his eyes and saw ambition. Something clicked inside me. My heart melted, I was suddenly drawn to him. He looked quite young, within the age bracket of 27- 28 years. He was fair, slim, tall, great body not too muscular. In fact he was quite an attractive male. I salivated as I weighed him calmly.
“so madam should I print them?” he asked again. His voice so cool and passionate. I really have never stared at any guy the way I did to him that fateful evening. “actually I’m about leaving” I replied calculative. His eyes instantly dropped. “but you can bring it to my office on Monday” I added, fetched my card and gave him. “I will pay for your transport too” I added. His face instantly lit up with happiness.
“thank you Ma” he greeted before disappearing in search of more customers.
“hmmmm did you just give him your card?” Amara asked from behind as she walked back to the table, settled opposite me and crossed her legs.
“I like him” I confessed. She rolled her eyes and scoffed,
“oh please!, that guy is younger than you. We are in Nigeria oo. It’s even better you hang out with that fat honorable, what’s that his name?. Who has been virtually on his knees to have you than fall for that little boy” she advised with a laugh. I simply eyed her and discarded her advice…. How I wish I had listened. Her advice was so on point.
To be continued….
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