Heart Of A Woman Season 1 Episode 3


Early Monday morning, I headed to the office with my hopes up. I just couldn’t wait to see the young photographer who captured my heart with a click. I truly took great pains dressing up that fateful morning, making sure I looked as beautiful as ever. My heart kept throbbing as if I was having my first date.
I couldn’t believe I was so blindly attracted to a mere photographer who wasn’t even my age mate. By 10:50am, I was notified of his presence. My spirit lit up, leaving me with intense joy as I watched him walk into my office like a frightened school boy. I smiled politely, flashing him a very inviting look in the process while he quickly looked down as if he was embarrassed.
“good morning. I brought the pictures” he greeted. I nodded, offered him a seat and took the pictures, quickly going through them. His work was very adorable and It made me more pleased with him. {I do admire people who are good with what they do}.
“you know, I was expecting your call. You never called to tell me that you were bringing the pictures” I said calmly. He quickly shrugged with a shoulder.
“I’m very sorry. I just didn’t want to bother you with such a little thing. I felt it was better showing up without disturbing you with a phone call” he explained apologetically.
“it’s okay. Your work is very superb. Seems like you have been doing this for years” I said with a smile. He breathed deeply and smiled with me.
“not really, I started the job few months ago after tirelessly searching for a job” he explained while I stared at him curiously. A bit lost over his last comment. “actually I’m a graduate of Imsu, graduated three years ago. It’s now a year and some months after Nysc yet I haven’t been fortunate to get a job. I had to look for a means to survive” he explained humorously, but I didn’t find the revelation funny. Instead I was deeply touched.
“so which course did you study?” I asked, “Economics” he answered, and “hmmm that’s good” I murmured as I stared at him searchingly. I truly was impressed to discover he was a graduate.
“so are you making a lot from photography?” I asked curiously. He shrugged and said nothing. “will you like to work in a hotel?” I asked, even though there really wasn’t any vacant position for him. But instead of answering, he stared at me curiously. “as the assistant cashier” I added with a nod. His eyes quickly lit up with excitement.
“of course ma, if you find me worthy” he said happily,
“fine. Early tomorrow come in with your C.V” I concluded. He couldn’t believe himself and it showed by the excitement in him. He thanked me a hundred times over.
“so how much for the pictures?” I asked,
“don’t bother about the pictures madam. Just have them” he said happily but I refused and gave him five thousand Naira which he hesitantly collected before leaving. Deep down I was very excited to have him working for me. It was the only way to have him close and I cashed on it. Surprisingly I felt like a young female teenager who just got her first boyfriend.

“Kpriiiiing!!! Kpriiiing!!!!”, the door bell rang incessantly. “Just a minute “, a melodious female voice called from inside. “Awww Mrs Brown, sorry for keeping you guys waiting”, she said whist opening the door to invite us inside. We went in and made ourselves comfortable. The couch i sat on was made of leather, and the smell from it spelt out the riches in this home. After minutes of introduction and pleasantries, Mrs Brown left me with my new Boss. Mrs Duncan as i was being introduced to was a slender woman of about 35, tall with black silky hair. She wore lemon green tight dress with her lips painted red. She welcomed me and gave me a wan smile. I smiled back and i was led to my room.
I have been brought from the village as a house help here. I have come with the hope of working hard and at least getting a sewing machine as a reward in the end. I’m hoping for the best in this wonderful abode. The Duncan family were all present in the evening. I helped Mrs Duncan serve the family, boiled rice and vegetable stew. As they sat and ate heartily, i sat up tensed nibbling at my food even though i was damn hungry. The couple had two kids- a boy and a girl both in their teens. Maria, plumb, had big eyes and chocolate complexion. Mike on the other hand was rather cheerful, slender like his mum and had curly hair combed back like a three-year old.
“You aint eating much Audrey, are you not hungry?”; Mr Duncan said whilst glaring at me. I gave a wary, shy smile and told him i would eat. Mr Duncan had the most striking features. He was a tall, muscular man with ivory skin .His mouth as soft as rose petals. His tight muscles showed in the silk shirt he wore. I made conscious effort to smile and contribute to the conversation but to no avail.I served orange juice and removed the plates to the kitchen.
Around 10pm thereof; we all left for bed. My room was quite close to the couple. I heard some form of conversation. Naaa!! Argument i guess. The couple were arguing about something. I prayed solemly it wasn’t about my stay:
“What do you take me for Jane?”He groaned. I saw you with that man at the restaurant: You can’t fool me on that.” “Brian; you are only exaggerating; I was there for just a meeting over coffee.
“you know how these businesses go, my boss needed my view on how the company could secure a loan to improve production.Baby, you are only exaggerating”. “Don’t you baby me. Jane, you killing me inside. Am trying as much to keep things cool so that the kids don’t find out”.
He retorted. I crept closer to the window and listen intensively. After everything was over, i presumed the couples had gone to sleep. I crept out of bed, went to the kitchen for a glass of water. I switched the lights on only to find Mr Duncan on one of the seats sobbing. I was taken aback, embarrased and made an effort to leave.”Don’t leave…pick up whatever you came in for” he called back whilst rising from his seat. He wore a spotless white singlet. “okay sir”, i mumbled and turned towards the refrigerator avoiding his eyes. His muscles were showing off vividly now. Well built, handsome and everything a woman would wish for. I imagined what on earth his wife had against him.
As he passed, his hands softly brushed mine and i froze immediately. His perfume lingered in the kitchen after he left. As i sat and drank my water, i began fantasizing. There was more to this family and wonderful man i needed to discover. I was damn ready to find out!!

To be continued