Heart Of A Woman Season 1 Episode 7


As I prepared to leave early the next morning, he carried me on his laps, kissing my neck profusely. “I hope last night meant a lot to you?, because it did to me. I’m so scared of many things” he whispered and bit my right ear. My body quickly lit up again. I felt intense heat underneath.
“Seriously you don’t have a girlfriend?” I asked curiously, my feminine feelings taking control of me. He breathed deeply and dropped his eyes.
“No girl likes a boy who has nothing to offer. I have no girlfriend, moreover it hasn’t been long I started working for you and It will be foolish of me to go after girls when I have loads of things to do. For example, I rented this little apartment with all my savings, immediately you employed me” he explained calmly, kissing my neck again. “But working with you got me to see life in a different perceptive. It made me realize that sometimes, the things we climb up the mountain to search could be within our very reach without us realizing it. Working with you got me to see what a real woman is all about. A real woman is divine, strong, ambitious, passionate, friendly, helpful and overly beautiful. It took me two days of working in your hotel to fall in love with you. I had to hide it of course, but it wasn’t easy till last night when the feelings overwhelmed me” he spoke nicely, caressing me as he showered me with beautiful words. I never knew a Nigerian could be so romantic with words.
“So what do you want with me?” I managed to ask. He breathed deeply and licked his lips,
“My intention is to lock you up and spend every moment of my life worshipping you” he replied and made for my lips with great passion. I was so carried away by the euphoria of his romance. My lonely heart couldn’t sense the deception in him. To me he was my ideal man, my creation, my everything.
“You can move in with me if you want. My place is very big and empty which you know. We can stay together while I use my connections to find you a better job” I offered with a pure heart.
“No no I can’t be a burden to you. I’m so ashamed, I have my pride to protect” he murmured with a colored face which made him look very innocent. I hugged him calmly, my eyes wet with tears. It’s really hard for we ladies to fall in love, but when it does happen, we do fall with all we have got. We do fall with our body and soul.
Detective Audrey!! I was always up to something and would always listen to what happens in my environment..hehehe!!. I got back to check only to find out half of the plantain was burnt. Shame girl! I quckly removed them from fire. I wondered who was going to take it considering the chaos at hand.
“Jane don’t  leave please”… I heard a new form of argument arising…and there i was again,at the back of the kitchen door to survey the circumstances.
“Will you leave me alone,” she shouted and threw back her hands when her husband made an attempt to touch her. ” let me have a break, Brian.. I would come back only when there is peace…. i would come back only when you stop nagging like a kid. And if you care to know, that man is everything a woman wants. Good in bed and romantic. something you hav’t been in months”.
She said whilst opening the door forcefully.  I only saw his chest heaving and brow furrowing. He tried to say something, but the words failed to come. He slowly sank into the couch and lowered his head. “jane…..jane…you will kill me” he whimpered and tried to catch some breath. I saw this golden opportunity. I straighten up, wiped my hands and went into the livng room.
“Sir! Is everything?” i asked feigning worry. “please talk to me”. He lifted his head up, tears all over his face  and walked slowly into the bedroom.. Should i follow him? I thought twice and refused. There is still more time.
It’s been three days since Miss Jane left the house. To me, this meant freedom to work out for what i wanted.it meant an opportunity which came just once. I have assumed the role of almost a housewife. I cooked, washed and prepared the kids for school (something Miss jane did alone). “Audrey, have you seen my blue tie? Mr Duncan asked whilst rummaging through the hanged ties.
“A minute sir”. I knew where it was…so within a twinkle of an eye i submitted it.
“Thanks dear”, he muttered and positioned it appropriately.Did  i hear  him say “dear”.  Since i didn’t want to spoil the fun; i just whispered;”you are welcome sir”. That actually made my day because the joy and triumph with which i served the kids and their dad Oats and toasted bread foretold it all. I cleaned up the house whilst they left for school and worked.
Mr Duncan hasn’t opened up to me on his wife’s issue yet .But  somehow; he seemed  free  and less tensed these days. I caught  glimpses of him chuckling, playing  hide and seek or humming  funny songs with the kids. This  was  an improvement in his life  and  that made me pray fervently that his wife doesn’t  come any earlier or at all.
This  evening i served  the family banku and okro stew filled with crabs and mushrooms. As we  all enjoyed our meals, Maria enquired  from his dad why their mum hasn’t returned from the workshop their dad talked about. Mr Duncan manoevred  to calm his daughter and say something to divert her attention. After meals; the  family sat with glasses of orange juice  whilst  watching a programme on the Tv. On the other hand, i was busily pressing   down  the  kids  uniform and that of their father.I didn’t  even notice when he came around but my instinct worked its way and  i rose up my head.
“Sir!! You scared me”, i flinched and covered my mouth after i said that.
“No need to be alarmed Audrey.
To be continued….
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