Heart Of A Woman Season 1 Episode 6


Shitiana” was one of the captivating indian telenovelas i loved watching with Marian and Mike. We were deeply glued to the telenovela when  i heard voices outside the hall. I got up and walked to window to catch a glimpse of the owners of the voices. I lifted the curtains only to find a car parked outside with two adults chatting heartily. I quickly identified one of the voices as that of Mrs Duncan…my curiosity increased. Whilst i lingered at the window, i heard Mrs Duncan say,
“see you moro my booo”. And came out of the car. I quickly went back to my seat to avoid any form of suspicion. It was when i sat downthat the kids even realised i haven’t been around. They were really glued to what they were watching. At dawn, i woke up to ponder over what  happened last night. Was that woman truly cheating? Or was this all about business as i heard say the other time? I felt pity for my admirer. I always presumed he was the most gentle and most wonderful thing a woman could let go. Well, time which is the revealor and counsellor of life will definitely tell. 
  “Jane!! Jane!! What were you two doing at the hotel?” i heard Mr Duncan harshly demand from his wife  at the living room. I was in the busily turning the fried plantain round in the kitchen. ” Why do you nag like  a woman? Since when did my freedom of exploring  seized?””, his  wife called back. “can i have some breathing space Mr?, i want a break from this hell you call marriage; please!!!; i could fee her anxiousness from how she spoke. “Jane  all i want is the best for our marriage; please!!!”  he retorted and followed his wife into the bedroom.
We were soon on his bed where he took his time making love to me. He was so accurate. His kisses were so on point. His caresses strong and superb. He simply lit my body on fire, while I moaned away with all my might. He was so wondrous.
“I love you with all my soul. You can’t just imagine the kind of love I have for you” he breathed into my ear when we were done making love. I smiled and looked up at him lazily. ” I Love you my queen” he murmured before brushing my lips with his again and sending me back to paradise. “I wish I have something better to offer you. I’m just a poor boy with nothing” he suddenly added, dropping his face sadly. “You know when my parents abandoned my siblings and invested in me with everything they got, they thought once I graduate, their sacrificies will be repaid. But here I’m years after graduating. I still have nothing. Since I’m unable to offer my family anything, what then can I offer to a rich wonderful lady like you?” he lamented, leaving me extremely touched by his outburst.
“You shouldn’t be saying such things in our first night together” I pleaded with great feelings. He breathed deeply and kissed me again,
“Yea you are right, but I’m scared you will get over me someday, moreover I’m your employee” he concluded. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply.
“Kelvin please it’s okay” I commanded with a sigh. He nodded, smiled and buried his face on my bosoms, tickling me at the same time. His words really had great effect on me, pushing me to discard my selfish interest and help him further. I had the contacts to get something good for him, but it could only mean that he wouldn’t be under my care and control anymore. I made up my mind that same night to push him into greatness. “He is mine already and nothing will change it. Polishing him more will equally be good for my image” I reasoned. I never knew the cunning bustard simply wanted to use me as a stepping stone. I was so fu.cking deceived into believing he was in love with me.
To be continued….
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