Hannah’s Story Episode 2


Hannah was about to head off to work the next
day when she had the distinct s£nsat!on of
being watched. She was astride a bike, the
engine running, but she pushed up the visor on
her helmet and glanced over her shoulder.
Joe stood on the curb in front of his house, his
face impassive as he watched her. She could
see the play of emotions across Joe ‘s face.
“Did you want something? ” she asked, and he
realized he had been staring.
He couldn ‘t stop himself from looking at her
mouth. “I wanted to tell you how great you
She made a rude noise. “its okay, you don’t
have to sU-Ck up to me.”
“I wasn’t, he said. “You look beautiful ”
she stared at him. She looked deeply uncertain.
Almost afraid. “I need some fresh air, “she said
in a subdued voice.
She started to leave. He didn’t want her to
go.He moved his body to block her path. Didn’t
think about it, or where it might lead. JUST DID
He felt the warm brush of her body against his
side, and then he was leaning towards her. She
gasped with surprise as his mouth found hers.
Her lips were incredibly soft against his. His
tongue dipped briefly inside her mouth and he
tasted her for the first time. Sweet and fresh.
He went back for a second taste and after a
small hesitation her tongue slide along his,
tentative, searching.
Music and lights blasted into the environment.
Joe jerked and they moved apart suddenly
realizing they were outside.
“I ‘m sorry. I didn’t mean for that to happen. ”
Joe said.
“its no big deal. ” Hannah replied.
They were both lying. She couldn ‘t look him in
the eye, and he ‘d wanted to kiss her, touch her
from the moment he first saw her, even if it had
taken him until this moment to admit it to
himself .
He didn’t know what to do, what to say. He
simply hadn’t been looking for anything like
“I ‘m sorry, ” he said again
“You already said that. I get it, ” Hannah said.
“Lets just forget it ever happened .”
“I need to get to work, but I’ll see you around,
Joe, “she said.
He nodded. She slid her helmet on and started
the bike. ……….