Hannah’s Story Episode 1


Hannah took a plate of chicken and salad to the
living room and sat next to her mum.
“This looks great, mum. Thanks. ”
Her mother dismissed her gratitude with the
wave of a hand and leaned forward, her brown
eyes dancing.
“So, don ‘t you want to know? ”
“Know what? ”
“What he ‘s like. The new neighbour. And you ‘ll
note is say he, “her mother said.
“I don’t need to know. Hannah replied.
“Hannah! I thought he seemed very nice when
I popped in earlier. His mother was helping him
unpack, you know, and there was no sign of a
wife. ”
Hannah scooped up a spoonful of potato salad.
She could feel her mother watching her,
waiting for Hannah’s reaction. She
concentrated on her plate, hoping her mother
would get the hint.
Her mother eyed her steadily, her face creased
with concern.
“Don’t be like this, sweetheart. ”
Hannah stood. There was no way she could eat
the rest of her meal. She certainly couldn’t
endure another heart -to- heart with her
“I need a shower. Thanks for cooking. ”
She scraped the remainder of her dinner into
the garbage, rinsed her plate and slid into the
dish washer. She spent ten minutes in the
shower, washing and conditioning her hair and
shaving under her arms. All the while, she
reviewed the work she had tomorrow,
prioritizing things on her to do list. Anything to
avoid thinking about what her mother had been
Hannah was supposed to catch up with her
friend Mikey for dinner after work, but he
cancelled on her at the last minute, leaving het
at loose ends.
She decided to go home. She was hungry and
more than ready for a shower when she rode
into the street. She stopped short of pulling into
her mothers garage, however, her attention
caught by the car sitting in the drive way — A
Mazda SUV. She narrowed her eyes as she
surveyed the rear of the SUV, then dropped
into a squat to peer under the wheel arch.
“I assume you wont be billing me for this
inspection? ”
She started, then glanced over her shoulder,
Joe Lawson, her new neighbour stood there,
one eyebrow raised. Her gaze dropped to his
barefeet. No wonder she hadn’t heard him
sneak up on her.
He shut the back of the car with a firm click.
The grocery bag settled in his hand. She
realized she was hovering for no good reason
“Anyway “, she said
“Yeah ”
“see you around. ”
He didn’t bother responding. He headed
towards his house. She watched his shoulders
rock from side to side with his long stride, then
her gaze dropped on his butt. His jeans were
faded and soft and they molded his butt0ckz
faithfully. It was a good butt0ckz too. firm looking,
round. Quintessential male.
Hannah registered what she was doing and
swiveled on her heel. Who cared if he has a nice
As Joe got to his apartment, a reluctant smile
curved his mouth. Hannah was a handful.
He ‘d
got that much right about her. And despite
that, he wanted her.
The realization killed his smile. He hadn ‘t felt a
thing for another woman since his wife Beth
died, yet for some crazy reason every time he
looked at his new neighbour he found himself
thinking things he had no business thinking.