Good Sin Season 2 – Episode 4 – “Closing Circles"


When he opened the door, it wasn’t his in-law that he saw; there was Dzifa in the arms of Ben busily embracing each other firmly.
That instant he wanted to pounce on them, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Even with this, Dzifa and Ben had not noticed that they were being watched. The whole thing was like a vision to Patrick when he was able to recognized Ben as the father of Eva’s unborn child.
They went ahead and began kissing each other, Patrick was in a dilemma as to whether to interrupt or keep watching on. He couldn’t even bare the sight of seeing his wife, the one she loved so much in the arms of another man. All he could do now was to just leave without them noticing. They only got interrupted when the door shut behind Patrick yet they didn’t bother since they thought it may have been the pressure from the wind.
Heart broken and disappointed, Patrick went back home on a very sad note. He never under any circumstance saw this coming. At first he thought he got married to a virgin, only to find out later that his wife was not and that she was once pregnant and eventually had a miscarriage, now there her wife was, cheating on him.
He felt that maybe she was trying to pay him back for all the wrong things he has done to her, for cheating on her and for hurting her so much with his employees and especially with Eva. But this was more than he thought; this very guy his wife is involved with was the same guy who raped his wife’s best friend.
He sat in the sofa and began thinking “My wife can actually choose a rapist over me?” He said to himself. His ego shut down and that very moment he wanted someone to talk to. The only person he could think of was Eva. He tried reaching her line, but to no avail then eventually he decided to drive to her apartment. He had completely forgotten about the promise he made to his wife earlier on. You could bare with him that, no man under such circumstance will be able to think straight and even think of honoring a promise.
Eva was nowhere to be found when he got to her apartment. He really needed to talk to someone, or Patrick may end up doing something terrible to himself. Jason his brother, who also happened to be the best man during his wedding with Dzifa was his only option now. Though he lived far from him, Patrick didn’t mind driving to his end just to talk to him.
120 kilometers per hour, Patrick was behind his wheels on a top flight speed. All this while, Eva had gotten to the hospital and finally she was made to see her mother even though she was far asleep. Eva visited her mother with some meal that she prepared from the house. She was glad to see her mother looking quite fit even in her sleep.
There was no way Eva could wake her up because she knew her mother needed rest than anything else in the world. Even though she had a lot of things to talk to her about, especially with regards to Dzifa being her sister, her welfare was her number one priority.
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A nurse came in to attend to Eva’s mother and to give her medication. Eva then indulge in a short conversation with the nurse. She wanted to find out the where about of the doctor even though he had already told her that he wouldn’t be at work at the time Eva comes to visit her mother.
“hi, is doc in yet” She asked the nurse.
“No madam, he will be here from 12 pm, but you don’t need to be worried, your mother is fine” The nurse answered. She assumed that perhaps Eva was worried about her mother that was the reason behind her sudden enquiry of the where about of the doctor.
As soon as the nurse was done and had left Eva and her mother, she reached out to the complementary card the doctor gave her and dialed the number. There was no answer after the first ring but to her surprise, the doctor called back almost immediately after the first try.
“Sorry to disturb you doc, this is Eva, the lady…” Eva said but the doctor interrupted her even before she could finish her introduction.
“Yeah Eva, I have been expecting your call, how are you” The Doctor asked. Eva was surprised that the doctor was even expecting her call all this while. she thought with the nature of his work, she was the least he will even worry about.
“I am very fine Doc and I must say, my mother is really doing well, thank you very much” Eva said trying to show appreciation.
“Oh don’t worry, that’s my job, I presume you are at the hospital” He asked Eva.
“Yeah Doc” She answered.
“My apartment is just across the street, why don’t you come over. Then we can get to talk more” He said. Eva was really surprised that the Doctor had just invited her to his house. Well, she didn’t see any reason for her to dishonor the invite.
She got herself ready and left her mother at the ward who was still sleeping by then. It wasn’t difficult for her to locate the doctor’s apartment since he was well known at that vicinity.
Before she knocked on the door, it seemed the doctor was not alone. she heard other voices coming from the inside and that frightened her. She was not that comfortable because of what she had gone through in the hands of Ben and his friends when she was raped.
She however decided not to enter the apartment no matter what the doctor may say. The doctor on the other noticed that there was someone on his porch from where he was seated in his room. He got out and just who he was expecting, Eva was at his door.
“Oh, how long have you been here, come in” He said.
To his surprise, Eva declined his invite. He couldn’t even understand that, if she had been able to come all the way to his apartment, what was then preventing her from entering. As smart as he was he noticed Eva was scared.
“Come on, I’m here with my brother who just payed a visit, no need to be scared. I promise you, I am harmless” He assured.
Then Eva had confidence in his words and finally she was led into the apartment. To her surprise, there Patrick was seated comfortable on a sofa with a wine glass in his hand.
To be continued.
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  1. Hi, this story is interesting but the rate at which you keeping us in suspense is unbearable. close to a week before a new episode comes out. please we beg do something about it or else some of us might loose interest. thanks