Father who forced daughter, 11, to have sex with him for money: 'I never felt guilt'


A man who forced his own daughter to have sex with him and his wife said that he never “had second thoughts or guilt” about the sexual abuse.
Amanda has confronted her father for the first time since she was 13 when she was rescued by police, after he had used her to make sexually explicit videos and photos for him to sell.
“I never had second thoughts or guilt after my first time with Amanda,” he said on the Dr. Phil show.
He admitted that he sexually abused his biological daughter for year after claiming he realized he would profit financially from such a heinous crime.
“I admit that I was sexually active with my daughter through her teenage years. When Amanda was about 11, I realized the money-making potential. I started grooming her the day she was born,” he said.
Both Jim and Justine were arrested in 1996, and both were sentenced to 20 years for sexually assaulting and exploiting their daughter.
An emotional Amanda recalled how they would film her performing sexual acts after having plied her with alcohol.
“Jim told me with the money we would make I could go to college and do whatever I wanted,” she explained.
“He would say sexual things to try and turn me on.”
Amanda was horrified to learn that her biological father only claimed to remember abusing his daughter five times.
“It should have been burned into my memory as much as it was into yours,” he told her.
When questioned by Dr. Phil about how that made her feel, she asked him directly:
“Through what span? What exactly would you deem as abuse? Grooming them for prostitution and sexually explicit videos to be sold worldwide. Was that not abuse? My face plastered on some form of sex doll somewhere…”
“No,” he shrugged, explaining that he was talking about the physical acts.
Jim revealed that he had already been making amateur pornography with his then wife Justine since the eighties.
“I encountered some pictures of teenage girls having sex, I showed them to Justine and Amanda and that began the discussion. Amanda showed an interest, I mistook her childlike curiosity for a genuine interest,” he said.
Jim claimed that he would research other young girls, of Amanda’s age, and tried to replicate that with his daughter.
“I didn’t see her as my daughter, I saw her as a person playing a role,” Jim said.
Of his lengthy sentence for the heinous crimes that have impacted Amanda’s whole life, he said: “I felt I wasn’t causing any harm. I felt the sentence was harsh… Twenty years was a bit much.”
He even complained that he had been “exploited, taken advantage of [and] beaten up” in prison.
He disputed his former wife’s claims that he forced her to make Amanda have sex with them.
“Neither Justine nor me saw an issue with it,” Jim said.
Source: mirror.co.uk