Good Sin – Episode 2 – A mere Coincidence?


All this while, Dzifa was gagged she couldn’t shout for help or even run away, she was made to watch her friend being raped.
Eva bled profusely and was not able to withstand the pains she was going through, she eventually passed out. However, she was able to recover within the next 15 minutes. To her surprise, she woke up to see the place very quiet and calm with no one around. Not even her friend Dzifa or the armed men who attacked them.
Though she was in pain and found it difficult to even get back on her feet, she was worried about the where about of Dzifa, whether she was alright or even alive. Eva had no idea of where she was. She had no option than to slowly walk home, while bleeding.
She blamed herself for following Dzifa to her church. This wouldn’t have happened if she had stayed home, and now she had just lost her dignity as a woman. She had lost her virginity to a criminal who she didn’t even see his face. Her heart got filled with hatred and everything around her disgust her. In pains, she began to tear her own place apart, throwing glasses on the wall, smashing other valuables she had in her home.
She cried out all through the night and soon it was already 7 am in the morning yet no sign of Dzifa. Strangely, Eva didn’t bother going to the hospital to check herself up but instead went straight to Dzifa’s house on foot. As difficult as it seemed for her to walk, she didn’t give up. It was as if nothing had happened to her. The only difference was her facial expression which was filled with anger. Usually you will see Eva smiling all the time, even when she was not expected to.
This made her more approachable, but not for Ben, her colleague at work. When people found it easier talking to Eva, Ben only admired her from a distance. It was obvious that Ben was interested in Eva but he never had the courage to even say hi. Ben will carefully plan out how he will go about to begin a conversation with Eva. however, at the end of the day, he will end up starring from a distance. All his plans will then turn to mere wishes and dreams.
Eva on the hand knew that Ben was interested in her, but she never made it easier for him. Hardly does she even talk to him at work and when it was necessary for her to do so, she would make sure it was work related. Just when Eva was a few minutes away from Dzifa’s end, she met Ben, who was sweating all over and heavily panting. His muscles were upright and firm. He was actually on his way from the Gym when he came across Eva.
Even with her smiles all the time at work, Ben was not able to approach her and now that she carried a heavy face with anger, it was definitely going to be hard for him but to his surprise, it was Eva who actually called him.
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“Ben, I’m glad to have met you here, can you walk with me to a nearby house” She asked. Eva was just straight forward with this and she knew Ben wouldn’t hesitate to that. She was right anyway, that was the moment Ben had been waiting for and with no delay they both headed to Dzifa’s end. Even on their way, Ben didn’t have the guts to talk to Eva as much as he wanted to. He noticed that Eva was not alright, but he just didn’t have the courage to ask her what was wrong.
Upon reaching there, the house was empty with no one around. A neighbor noticed them when they entered into the compound.
“Excuse me, are you looking for someone” The neighbor asked.
Eva was quick to answer “Sorry Sir, I’m after Dzifa”.
“Dzifa? She packed out in the early hours of this morning, I think she is traveling or something and it’s likely she won’t be back anytime sooner” the neighbor answered.
This was strange and Eva found it extremely difficult to believe. Dzifa was actually alright all this while. She got more furious every passing second. No words came out of her mouth, she just stood there and seemed lost.
“Are you alright” Ben finally spoke up.
Eva didn’t say anything, she just ignored his question and walked away. Ben grabbed hold of her hand to demand an answer. His grip was familiar, his palm felt rough and that reminded Eva of how aggressively, she was grabbed by the armed masked man and got raped. Eva turned and saw a wrist band on Ben’s wrist which she noticed this same wrist band on the man who raped her. Then she began to see the resemblance, Ben was quite heavy built, almost of the same height of the man who raped her and his voice was as deep as the gang man too.
“This couldn’t be a mere coincidence” Eva thought. She gave Ben a suspicious look and you could tell that Ben wasn’t comfortable with it. It was as if he knew what Eva was thinking.
Just then, he began to apologize for grabbing her in that way. Eva ignored his question and kept on looking at his wrist band.
“How long have you been having this band on you” She asked.
Just then, Ben began to fumble, like he didn’t know what to say. Surprisingly, he took the band off his wrist.
“Oh, it’s a family thing that was passed on, I know it looks old” He answered and placed it in his pocket.
Everything about Ben seemed similar, the voice, the stature, the wrist band. Eva then began to suspect Ben right away.
To be Continued.
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