Gift Episode 4


The phone nearly dropped from my hands as she caught me unawares, I looked at our house girl Grace who eyed me suspiciously.

Me: your phone ring, I come pick because na my daddy been dey call.

Grace: wetin em tell you?

Me: em ask me where you dey.

Our house-girl Grace didn’t entirely believe me, from that day henceforth she locked her phone with different kind of locks that I couldn’t fathom. Grace always wore shabby out-fits that hid all her curves na em make Estate boys nodey look her side because she no sabi whatsup, them dey take her as neophyte. They didn’t realize the treasure hidden beneath the not so fine face and big out-fits.

Ever since I started schooling from nursery to my primary Four, I have never pass more than fifteen people in my class. Primary Four third term is the time I took thirty out of fifty people in my class, my dad was so happy surprising those parents their children took first and second, some busy-bodies started chiding my dad.

My dad just told them that they will not understand, during the holiday I was at home, my dad decided I should get a home teacher. He intend bringing a lady but kicked against it when he heard Akpan’s story. Akpan was a house-boy to one Mr. Ben in the Estate, he caught the female private teacher pant down with Akpan in the bathroom, Akpan later blamed the devil and the girl blamed his Calabar big cassava.

My dad got me a private teacher called Ben, he usually come by 10am in the mornings and leave by 12pm and then return by 4pm then leave by 6pm in the evenings. It continued like that until he started teasing Grace that she doesn’t know how to dress, with days Grace started wearing sexy gowns and skimpy skirts making guys admire her bu-ttocks.

With time I started suspecting something fishy between Grace and uncle Ben, whenever Uncle Ben finished teaching me, he will not rush off like before instead Grace will ask me to go out and play in Mama Tabara shop. A lady who own a shop some distance away from our own flat. She got married to a teacher and they had a daughter named Tabara, I saw a man that our house girl Grace asked me to report to her whenever I see him.

I ran home to tell aunty Grace that I have seen the man she was looking for, a song was playing in the sitting-room but there was no one in there, I tip-toed to the kitchen and saw Uncle Ben with aunty Grace in female and male dog pose. His trouser and boxer were hanging around his legs, while his shirt stopped just below his abdomen were his di-ck was positioned in the entrance of our house-girl Grace pleasure house, Aunty Grace pan-t was on the floor while the short gown she wore was gathered around her waist.

She held the kitchen counter pushing her big bu-ttocks backwards, while Uncle Ben held her waist. Moving his waist, f-ucking her. groping and pressing her bre-asts under the gown, he carried one of her legs and hung on the counter. he was just ba-nging her har-d, making her to mo-an and shout harder and faster, while he was groaning and moving more faster.

I was just watching them, enjoying how my body reacted, I didn’t realize I was pressing my small bre-asts till when they reached o—-m, breathing and sweating profusely.

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Aunty Grace was scared when she saw that I caught them, both of them begged and asked me to ask of any favour from them which I did, I asked our house-girl Grace to always give me her phone every night till morning if she doesn’t want me to talk.

I told Uncle Ben that he will not flog me anymore when I can’t answer a question, I later asked aunty Grace to make my ass to be big like her’s. She said it is natural but she will help me sha… every morning we godey do sit-ups and she go tell me say anytime I wan baf make I grab am. every night was fun with Grace’s phone, I go watch po-rn from midnight till 4am and sleep off. I always find it hard to wake up, I started thinking of how to enjoy what the women in those videos always enjoy. The one that turned me on more was one of the po-rn that a fat man was roughly giving it hard to a little girl, I wondered how she was able to take in that monster, I fingered myself so hard and fast till I was exhausted, I wasn’t getting enough satisfaction ’cause I can’t remember having an o—-m.

Our Elders say a child who live for enjoyment seek to destroy the goodly fortune His|Her Chi was known for. One evening like that our house girl Grace sent me out to Mama Tabara’s shop, I was there playing with little Tabara.

Mama Tabara: Gift oh! run go check if my husband dey house?

Me: my carry Tabara go.

Mama Tabara: no, only you go.

I ran off to Tabara’s their apartment, papa Tabara is a chronic womanizer whose wife will kill and swear to death that her husband isn’t. Gossipers association always claimed that she has been bewitched. Our Elders says a butterfly can never be a bird, and any butterfly that thinks itself as a bird meets destruction before time. I opened the door and met Papa Tabara smooching with Adeyin, a girl about fifteen years. Something that I lived to regret all my life happened that day.